Which Alberta Enterprise Startups Are Influencing Canada’s Tech Industry?

Within the vast plains and rugged mountains of Alberta, a startup landscape is dynamically evolving, bringing forth innovated companies that are making strides in their respective industries. We’ll be focusing on 15 enterprises today that are disrupting multiple industries with their ingenious solutions. With domains ranging from artificial intelligence, to food delivery, these Alberta-based startups are inviting attention to the prolifically growing startup-centric province.

It’s also relevant to mention how the local government has been actively demarcating resources to support and cultivate these burgeoning startups. Making a conscious effort to build an environment denser with technological and financial resources, Alberta is ringing some significant shifts in the Canadian landscape of startups.

Apart from this, the diverse industry portfolio these startups represent mirrors the province’s robust economy and its perceptive adaptability towards incorporating advanced technologies for growth and prosperity. So, let’s delve into the unique ecosystems of these 15 emerging startups from Alberta.


AltaML is an artificial intelligence startup co-founded by Cory Janssen and Nicole Janssen. The company offers both technical and strategic expertise to build transformative applications using AI technologies. With realms of industry application areas, AltaML particularly specializes in enterprise software, intelligent systems, machine learning, and natural language processing.


Founded by Christiaan Fulton and Derrick Koenig, and providing invaluable services for businesses on governmental contract opportunities, Ontopical employs machine learning and other advanced technologies. Its unique SaaS platform offers automated sales solutions alongside regular enterprise software services.


Specializing in emissions management and regulatory compliance for the energy sector, Arolytics is a software company founded by David Risk, Emmy Atherton, and Liz O’Connell. They provide an IT infrastructure suitable for complex energy-related operations.


As a solution for effective business communication, imMail serves as a platform for chat and video interactions for companies. Leonardo Valença and Rafael Menezes, the founders of imMail, have positioned the offering as a predictive tool enhancing productivity.


KnowHow, founded by Leighton Healey and Travis Parker Martin, has formulated a unique software tool to help blue-collar businesses save time, money and avoid costly errors. Interested readers can find out more on the KnowHow webpage.


Koridor, co-founded by Joohyung Lee, is an ERP, SaaS software platform that aims to streamline business processes for small to medium sized businesses, focusing on project management and sales tools.

Integrity Technology Solutions

Integrity Technology Solutions (ITS), founded by Cody Austin, is a pioneer business enhancing trust level in transactions with their technology development initiatives. It operates in various sectors including artificial intelligence and financial services.


In the food and beverage industry, Bessie is making strides as a hyper-local farm-to-table brand that delivers natural food with personalized care. The startup was founded by Alexander Leakos, Shanika Abeysinghe, and Spencer Kerber.

Axon4D Technologies

Axon4D Technologies, a company established by Jared Fisk, is a leading provider of fiberoptic sensor technology to businesses worldwide targeting enterprise software provision and industrial activities.


Jeremy Aasen and Matthew Ratzke co-founded Cannabit, a unique cloud platform and service provider for cannabis infrastructure and technology. It’s fostering growth in the medical and recreational cannabis industries with its innovative services.


With Launch57, businesses can leverage advanced multi-platform technologies for affordable end-to-end turnkey IT solutions. With a focus on gamification and virtual reality, this company leads forward in the enterprise software business.


Budee, a science-based app created by Peter Jurisic, is designed to enhance worker vigilance towards risks throughout the day, consequently minimizing accidents and potentially saving lives.

ConnectUs Global

A provider of a dual frequency UWB solution with badges, tags, and receivers for asset and personnel tracking, ConnectUs Global offers diverse IT solutions for businesses.

Budvue Media Inc.

Amalgamating expertise in advertising, digital signage, enterprise software, and graphic design, Budvue Media is a comprehensive digital signage solution provider for the cannabis industry.

Bluejarvis Technologies

Bluejarvis Technologies operates with an aim to create a series of products that enable industries to utilize their informal communication and data effectively.

In conclusion, these 15 Alberta-based startups represent the heart of the booming tech and enterprise growth in the province. With such quality and diversity, the future of the Alberta and wider Canadian startup ecosystem looks bright and promising.

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