Which Kitchener Software Startups Are Shaping Canada’s Tech Industry in 2023?

Kitchener, Ontario is a thriving city filled with dynamic and innovative software startups. These startups range from artificial intelligence and machine learning to cybersecurity and eCommerce. With such a fertile environment for technological innovation, it’s no surprise to see the diversity and high quality of these enterprises. This part of Canada is undoubtedly a cradle of great minds and tech, and in this article, we will feature fifteen of these inspiring startups. With each one, we will delve into who they are, what they do, and why they could -not only impact Kitchener- but indeed the world at large.

Acerta Analytics

Acerta Analytics is an Artificial Intelligence, Automotive, Machine Learning, Manufacturing, and Software company. Founded by Greta Cutulenco, Jean-Christophe Petkovich, and Sebastian Fischmeister, it utilizes Machine Learning and AI to enhance part quality in precision manufacturing.


Co-founded by Guru Singh and Rafael Pileggi, Scispot.io is a no-code, fully configurable digital operating platform for biotech and life science SMEs, bringing technology into the realms of Biotechnology, Life Science, Productivity Tools, and Software.


Fera is a software company that helps eCommerce businesses grow by showcasing and developing beautiful customer reviews and unique user-generated content. Founded by Jay El-Kaake, it operates in the Consumer Reviews, E-Commerce, Internet, SaaS, and Software industries.


Founded by Stephanie Mills, CodeGem is designed to empower engineering managers by providing them with the analytics and tools needed to optimize their software development teams.


Cavelo, founded by James Mignacca, is a data discovery and cybersecurity startup that aims to protect vital data from cyber threats.


Jeremy Hartmann founded mtion, a company building the metaverse for gamers to stream from and share with others.

Pronti AI

Pronti AI is utilizing AI to help millions of Apparel brands individualize for billions of people around the world. Founded by Andrea Veintimilla and Mila Banerjee, it represents a significant leap forward in the Consumer Software, E-Commerce, Machine Learning, Retail Technology, and Software industries.


CircleChek, founded by Bing Xu Hu and Jason Williamson, is an online-based company that helps to track vehicle inspections with their mobile and web apps.

Bibu Labs

Bibu Labs provides dynamic defence against cyber attacks for IoT. It was founded by Tahseen Shabab.


Founded by Erica Phelps and Lynne Murdoch, the VOYHS app provides resources to help transgender people train their voices.


GeoMate offers location intelligence for urban mobility. It’s leading in the Artificial Intelligence, Automotive, Geospatial, Last Mile Transportation, Location Based Services, Machine Learning, Mapping Services, and Software industries.


Dabadu, founded by Pulkit Arora, focuses on CRM, SaaS, and Automotive services to meet business needs for the automobile industry.

Forward Robotics

Forward Robotics, founded by Meng Wei and Tamara Finlay, develops heavy-lift, long-range cargo drones using proprietary avionics and control software.


LUQL, founded by Danny Eng and Tim Pham, is a platform where locals create and guide experiences for adventure seekers, enthusiasts, and travellers.


Aurelius, founded by Griffin Barnicutt, invents and builds technology to solve critical national security problems, advancing the Artificial Intelligence, Law Enforcement, Military, National Security, Software, and Wearables industries.

Each of these startups showcases Kitchener’s thriving tech industry. Not only do they represent the city’s burgeoning entrepreneurial spirit but they also highlight how Canadian innovation is being applied in exciting and world-changing ways. Keep an eye on these companies – their journey has just begun.

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