Who are Calgary’s Most Influential Finance Startups in 2023?

Calgary has become a hotbed for innovative finance startups in recent years. This exciting and dynamic scene is driving change across the industry, creating solutions that capitalize on new technologies, approaches, and customer needs. As Alberta’s largest city continues to emerge as a thriving entrepreneurial hub, we are starting to see ambitious entrepreneurs leverage the possibilities in the Financial Tech space. Here is, in no particular order, a list of 15 of the most interesting Finance Startups in Calgary.


Flahmingo is an investment app dedicated to providing retail investors with the opportunity to step into investing with fractional shares starting at just $1. In addition to offering commission-free trading, the app offers critical features that help new investors get on their feet. Founded by Gio Moros, Kunal Seth, and Taran Singh Kainth, Flahmingo operates in the Finance, Financial Services, FinTech, and IT industries.

Neo Financial

Providing spending, savings, and reward programs, Neo Financial hopes to simplify the connection between spending and earning rewards. Founders Andrew Chau, Jeff Adamson, and Kris Read created this innovative FinTech venture to provide user-friendly financial services and help Canadians take control of their finances.

Rome Blockchain Labs

Operating within the Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Data Mining, and Finance industries, Rome Blockchain Labs focuses on decentralized technologies. The company serves as a laboratory where creative tech integration happens.

Swiss Vault

Founded by Bhupinder Bhullar and Douglas Fortune, Swiss Vault seeks to design cost-effective and energy-efficient data storage systems. Their industry encompasses Data Storage, Finance, Hardware, and Privacy.


Offering everything from procurement services to payment, Gloprime is aiming to simplify the supply chain industry. Founded by Chijioke Njoku, Goprime operates in Consulting, Finance, Financial Services, IT, and Marketing.


At its core, Rallie is a crypto investing platform built with women in mind. Founded by Leanne Leblanc and Meredith Wasney, Rallie hopes to create safer spaces for women to invest their money with confidence in the crypto sphere.

Tetra Trust

Founded by Eric Richmond, Tetra Trust offers accessible storage solutions for digital assets. This is a critical service within the Finance and Financial Services Industry.


PayTrie, founded by Kevin Zhang, provides a payment processor specifically for decentralized applications for Canadians. Their work is primarily in Cryptocurrency, Finance, FinTech, and Virtual Currency industries.


ResolvMD is a full-service business offering medical billing, accounting, financial solutions, and consulting services. Marshall Ross, Patrick Onyekweli, and Ryan Allen founded ResolvMD which operates primarily in the Billing, Consulting, Financial Services, and Personal Finance industry.


Providing growth capital for sports organizations, Tykera founders Eric Yeung and Harley Christensen work to help amateur sports organizations thrive. They operate across the Finance, Financial Services, FinTech, Software, and Sports industries.

The 51 Ventures

The 51 Ventures, founded by Alice Reimer, Judy Fairburn, and Shelley Kuipers, is a financial feminist platform with the goal of building mutual wealth and social impact.

Ammolite Analytx

Pioneering the development of Quantum AI Cybersecurity solutions, Ammolite Analytx operates against threats with deep domain expertise in defense, finance, and energy.

Open Banking Initiative Canada

The Open Banking Initiative Canada is an essential player in the Canadian financial services scene. Their goal is to drive forward the banking, finance, and fintech industries in a non-profit model.

Finch Financial

Meeting the needs of those looking to take control of their financial story, Finch Financial offers educational and contextual tools.

Bitvo Exchange

Lastly, Bitvo Exchange. They are on a mission to become Canada’s go-to cryptocurrency exchange. One of Bitvo Exchange’s main USPs is the Bitvo Same Day Guarantee which assures transactions are handled speedily.

These startups exemplify the innovative spirit thriving in Calgary and throughout Canada. As they continue to grow and make strides in the dynamic world of finance, we’ll keep our eyes on them — we suggest you do too.

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