What Are Alberta’s Most Influential Recruiting Startups Shaping Talent Acquisition?

The world of entrepreneurship and startups is ever-changing, especially when it comes to the recruiting industry. With innovative solutions, startups have been redefining the hiring landscape, enhancing how companies find, attract, and retain the best talents. Alberta in Canada, known for its thriving tech ecosystem, has seen several such startups emerging. From medical careers network to immersive tech recruiting to construction job networks, the Alberta startups are disrupting the traditional recruiting methods in distinctive ways.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, investor, or just interested in the startup scene, this guide will be invaluable. We lay out 15 such Alberta recruiting startups, outlining what makes each unique, who their founders are, and linking to their websites. So without further ado, let’s delve into the diverse and dynamic world of Alberta startups in the recruiting niche.

Cherry Health

Cherry Health is reshaping healthcare recruitment in Canada by providing connectivity and tools to medical providers. Co-founded by Jordan Vollrath and Maximilian Kerz, the startup is working hard to solve systemic health problems.


With a unique approach to job-matching, Resume Free eliminates the need for resumes, directly connecting candidates with potential employers. This venture was brought to life by Allie Knull.

Sales Unicorn

As a virtual salesforce, Sales Unicorn assists B2B companies in attracting and retaining profitable customers, thus catalysing business growth.


Founded by Jose Azares, NIDUM combines immersive technology with recruiting, creating immersive recruiting, onboarding, and training modules for businesses.


Focused on the hospitality industry, Liveworks, founded by Jose Portillo, provide excellent software product solutions to streamline HR and recruiting activities.

Global Talent Accelerator

Curating a wide network of global development shops, Global Talent Accelerator aids high-growth companies in outsourcing. The startup is headed by Sean Languedoc.

Recruiting Hive

Recruiting Hive automates the routine screening and hiring processes, helping companies hire the right candidates faster.


TopRecruiter.co, founded by Luke Gass, is an online marketplace for companies to find top-rated recruiters in their industry.


Bringing a solution to healthcare facilities, StaffingCall uses an intellENGINE Console to fill shift vacancies with off-duty staff. The startup was established by Adam Balogh.


Pioneered by Will van Middendorp, Lucruitive is a recruitment platform that enables professionals to hire talent through industry peer referrals.


Founded by Eik Halldorsdottir, Gigify is a job finding platform that simplifies the job search with one swipe for candidates.

Job Shift

Jobshift not only helps with job search but also assists with resume building, key skills, interviews, job offer negotiations, and personal branding.


Kettera is a job-seeking platform linking candidates with recruiters, and it also offers employee development services.


Industree is a construction job network that recruits workers for open positions and fosters communication between workers and companies. The startup was brought to life by Zack Cooper Black.


GetaPrice is a service marketplace allowing users to post quote requests and receive multiple local quotes from companies and individuals.

In conclusion, whether you’re looking to recruit, job hunting, or just curious about the startup scene, extensively exploring these Alberta Recruiting Startups could prove informative and beneficial.

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