Alberta’s Top Medical Device Startups: Pioneering Healthcare Innovations in 2023?

Welcome to another edition of our spotlight on medical device startups in Alberta! From companies working on cutting-edge technology to those making a real difference to patients every day, we’ve rounded up an exciting group from the province’s vibrant medical scene. In this article, we’ll highlight the ideas, talent, and hard work behind these groundbreaking startups, providing a glimpse into the endless possibilities the future of healthcare offers.

Healthcare is a key area of interest for many startups, given its potential for high growth and societal impact. With the Covid-19 pandemic amplifying the critical need for innovative healthcare solutions, startups in the medical devices sector in Alberta are stepping up, offering creative and efficient solutions to pressing health problems. Among them are companies working on everything from laser technology to AI, all striving to push the boundaries and shake up the medical industry.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the promising pool of Alberta’s medical device startups. Be sure to check out their websites and stay up-to-date with their remarkable work.

Wosler Corp.

Dedicated to revolutionising healthcare access, Wosler Corp.‘s goal is to making healthcare delivery more efficient and cost-effective. Co-founded by Henry Madubuobi, John Paolo Pana, and Marco Gallone, Wosler operates within the sphere of Health Care, Health Diagnostics, Medical, and Medical Device.


Through the development of 3D imaging and laser platforms for vitreoretinal diagnosis, PulseMedica is changing the game. The company, founded by Eric Martin, and Nir Katchinskiy, is rooted in the Health Care, Medical Device industry.


Committed to transforming women’s metabolic and reproductive health, Neuraura uses a wearable bioelectronic device designed for PCOS. Сlaire Dixon, Colin Dalton, and Pierre Wijdenes are the brains behind this startup in the Medical Device industry.

Alethea Medical

Specialising in aiding Family Physicians in obtaining Specialist advice swiftly, Alethea Medical operates in the Health Care and Medical Device industry. Founded by Devon Livingstone, Heiko Peters, and Steven Pilz, they aim to help treat patients quicker and more proficiently.


MACH32, co-founded by Chris Terriff, and Marc Curial, is a medical device startup that inventively solves both new or long-standing medical problems. Their influence spans the industries of Health Care, Medical, and Medical Device.

NovusTX Devices

As an advanced ultrasound transducer manufacturer for medical and industrial applications, NovusTX Devices is making waves in the field. The startup, founded by Laura Curiel, operates within Health Care, Manufacturing, Medical, and Medical Device industries.


Known for their tear profiling technology used in clinical studies and trials, Ofbrains was started by Alireza Bahramian, Amir Sanatinezhad, and Hossein Hejazi. They operate within the sphere of Health Care, Health Diagnostics, Life Science, Medical Device industries.

At the forefront of AI and Healthcare, MEDO uses artificial intelligence to simplify the processing of ultrasound exams. Thanks to founders David Quail, Dornoosh Zonoobi, and Jacob L. Jaremko, MEDO continues to make advancements in artificial intelligence, biotechnology, healthcare, and software.

Nimble Science

Co-founded by Gang Wang and Sabina Bruehlmann, Nimble Science is making a name for themselves by offering medical devices in the sectors of Health Care, Medical, and Medical Device.

Bio-Stream Diagnostics

Harnessing OECT pathogen detection technology for quick, affordable point-of-care testing, Bio-Stream Diagnostics is on a path to rapid growth. Founded by John Murphy, and Rashid Bux, the startup operates in the fields of Health Care, Health Diagnostics, and Medical Device.

Andau Medical

Andau Medical, founded by Sandi Wright is a medical and dental device company. Its primary goal is to provide the market with regulatory and quality products, operating within the Health Care, Life Science, Manufacturing, Medical Device industries.

My Normative

Setting itself apart by integrating and contextualising female-specific metrics in health tracking software, My Normative is an example of quick ingenuity. Founders Danika Kelly and Renee Kokts-Porietis have it operating within a variety of industries, including Beauty, Health Care, Life Science, Medical Device, Software, and Wellness.

Lab Chip Technologies

Lab Chip Technologies designs and builds devices used in cellular and molecular analysis for medical diagnostics testing. They are making strides in the Biotechnology, Health Care, Life Science, and Medical Device industries.

KARMED Products

KARMED Products is a medical device company known for providing products that improve physical mobility and functionality. They continue to make a difference in the Health Care, Medical, and Medical Device industries.


Through the creation of ultra-sensitive disease diagnostic tools for deployment in developing countries, Illucidx, founded by Cody Doolan, is making an impact in the Health Care, Health Diagnostics, Life Science, Medical Device industries.

We hope this edition of Alberta’s medical device startup spotlight has been enlightening. It’s clear that the province is a hotbed for medical innovation, touching upon everything from artificial intelligence to genomics. Keep these startups on your radar – they’re sure to be making waves in the future.

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