Which Alberta E-Learning Startups Are Revolutionizing Canadian Education in 2023?

Alberta, Canada, is known for its robust digital innovation in the technology sector for many years now. Of recent, some impressive startups have emerged in Alberta, focusing mainly on E-Learning and digital education. These pioneering e-learning startups, aiming to revolutionize online education and training in various sectors, have utilized modern technology to present innovative solutions to diverse societal needs. This article showcases 15 such commendable startups from Alberta, each demonstrating a unique approach to e-learning and enterprise.

E-Learning startups in Alberta are innovating across a wide range of sectors, including finance, public speaking, leadership training, safety training, and tech education, to name a few. All these companies are making outstanding contributions in their fields, delivering value, and leading the way for more innovations in the e-learning space in Canada and beyond.

Below, we delve into these 15 E-Learning startups, offering a brief introduction to each, a glimpse at their founding teams and a look at the industries they’re revolutionizing.


TalkMaze is working towards instilling confidence in children of ages 5-17 through personalized virtual public speaking and debate training. Founded by Ghalia Aamer, it stands out in the E-Learning and Training industry.


Founded by Amanda Julian and Kelsey Hahn, Monark presents a digital leadership guide that enables growth with the help of one simple app. It operates in the E-Learning and Software industry.


In the E-Learning and Financial Services industry, AltruWisdom, founded by Alisha Mawji and Zakir Kanji, is a subscription-based platform with knowledge and tools aiming to make canadians financially resilient.


Hippohub is an e-learning, collaboration, and communication platform founded by Jason Michaud, Laura Brooker, and Mayra Michaud. It stands out in the Collaboration, E-Learning, and Information Communication Technology (ICT) industries.


Moneyprep, founded by Gene Lee and Pam Liyanage, offers financial knowledge solutions for children. This startup operates in the E-Learning, Education, Financial Services, and Knowledge Management industries.


Jose Azares founded NIDUM, an Immersive Tech Startup that creates immersive recruiting, onboarding, and training modules for businesses. The company operates in several industries, including E-Learning, Employment, IT, Recruiting, Software, and Training.

IEP Canada

IEP Canada stands out in the Communities, E-Learning, Education, and Higher Education industries. Omid Titidezh’s company makes studying abroad affordable for international students by saving over $10,000 per semester.


Soteria120 uses advanced educational technology to improve performance and reduce costs by solving key problems in safety training. It is creating ripples in the E-Learning, Education, Software, and Training industry.


Mindlab is a company that develops medical games to change lives through behavioral change. It operates in the E-Learning, Health Care, and Software industries.

Startup Continuum

Founded by Ben Snyman, Startup Continuum creates an innovative online learning environment, with templates and support tools to help startups succeed. It operates in the E-Learning, Information Services, and Information Technology industries.


The startup Llearner founded by Gregg Oldring is an e-learning app that helps track books and listens to podcasts, courses, articles, and training to make life easy. It is influencing the E-Learning, Education, Podcast, and Training industries.


AlgoIdeas is a premier platform for tech geeks and computer science educators. It operates in the Artificial Intelligence, E-Learning, and Machine Learning industries.


MatheMagician uses e-learning techniques to provide online math education for children. It is causing a stir in the E-Learning, EdTech, and Knowledge Management industries.

ShirWin Knowledge & Learning Systems

ShirWin Knowledge & Learning Systems is a company that provides software solutions for learning platforms. It operates in the E-Learning and Software industries.

Hexaverse – Metaverse Education System

Finally, Hexaverse – Metaverse Education System, operates in the Blockchain, E-Learning, Education, and Software industries. This startup is creating the largest Metaverse Education System.

Despite the challenges and roadblocks presented in their various industries, these startups are determined to bring innovation into the modern learning and training space. They are not only enriching lives but also promising a brighter future for Alberta and Canada’s digital economy.

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