Which Alberta Transportation Startups are Revolutionizing Canadian Travel in 2023?

Canada is known for its bustling tech scene, diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem and innovative startups trailblazing various industries. One of these industries is Transportation, where companies in Alberta are pioneering groundbreaking technologies and services transforming the way we move. Below we’re highlighting some of Alberta’s most interesting and promising startups working from autonomous vehicles to software solutions, certainly aiming to leave their mark on Canada’s transportation industry.

These homegrown companies are not only revolutionizing travel for Canadians, but they’re also enhancing the smooth running of businesses across different sectors. From fleet and asset management to mobile fueling services, these startups offer innovative solutions that are making a significant impact. Let’s uncover some of these companies who are taking the world of transport by storm:

Beginning in no particular order, we have a diverse range of enterprises contributing to the Transport industry in their unique ways, making it simpler, more efficient, and secure. We will dive into each one of them, revealing who they are, what they do, and how they are transforming the transportation industry not only in Alberta but also setting standards for the global scene.

Latium Technologies

Founded by Lori and Tony Pecorilli, Latium Technologies provides a host of asset and fleet management services. These include fleet tracking, fleet consulting and maintenance, among other services. They cater to the Logistics and Transportation industries.

Galatea Technologies

Started by Rakshit Singbal, Galatea Technologies is a forward-thinking software firm that offers cost-effective waste management solutions to the transportation industry.

Fly and Fetch

Fly and Fetch is a peer-to-peer online shipping marketplace. It caters to a variety of industries including Consumer Goods, E-commerce, and Transportation.

Lux Modus Ltd.

Founded by Joseph Hlady, Lance Fugate and Matthew Glazner, Lux Modus Ltd. provides 3D mapping and LiDAR services to several industries including the Autonomous Vehicles, Infrastructure and Transportation sectors.

GoElectric Vehicle Corporation

GoElectric Vehicle Corporation, co-founded by David Lloyd, is an official dealer for electric vehicles and provides related services.


Deeleeo is a tech-forward, on-demand crowdshipping delivery service helping businesses and consumers with same-day local delivery.

Global Machinery Auctions

Founded by Quinten Chaban, Global Machinery Auctions has established itself as a leader in the sale and purchase of heavy equipment, catering to industries like Agriculture, Construction, Manufacturing and Transportation.

Sure Fuel

Sure Fuel, co-founded by Maxwell Bracey and Samuel Reid, is a revolutionized gas station concept. They deliver fuel directly to their customers’ vehicles seven days a week.


AirTrail is known for its aviation software, which helps with airline compliance and record-keeping.


TangoRide is a real-time carpooling app which aims to save users money, time and impact on the environment.


Started by Dhananjay Pankaj, BleizeRide features a mobile app for pre-booking rides in a limousine.

Drift Technological Solutions

Drift Technological Solutions optimizes oil and gas fluid management by offering real-time fluid tracking and cost monitoring.

Portage On Your Way Delivery

Founded by Elias White, Portage is a logistics company which connects individuals who need to send something with those who are already on the move.

Signature Limos

Signature Limos is a premier limo transportation provider specializing in airport transfers, corporate travel and wedding limo services.


Founded by Sagar Grewal, Trunx offers a safe and affordable luggage storage solution for tourists, enabling them to explore destinations more conveniently.

The transportation sector in Alberta continues to innovate and revolutionize the way we look at movement and logistics, all thanks to these brilliant startups who are not afraid to push boundaries and explore new frontiers. We look forward to observing their growth and believing in their future impacts on the global stage.

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