Who are 2023’s Most Influential , Alberta Wellness Startups?

Wellness—the active process of becoming aware of and making choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life—is ingrained in the entrepreneurial spirit of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This vibrant city is home to a thriving scene of startups specializing in the wellness industry. These innovative businesses provide a diverse range of products and services aimed at improving health, happiness, and wellbeing. Here, we bring you fifteen of Calgary’s most impactful wellness startups and share the inspiring details behind each venture.

From novel ways of managing chronic pain, to cutting-edge robotics, and even to a holistic approach towards single parenting, these startups show that wellness comes in many forms. Here will delve into their unique features, founding stories, and the key industry sectors they operate in. Collectively, these startups exemplify the vision, ingenuity, and vitality that earmarks Calgary’s wellness startup scene.

The following companies each tackle specific aspects of wellness often with a unique twist, creating a formidable presence in the ever-growing wellness sector. These startups are not merely monetizing on the wellness trend, rather, they represent a sincere commitment to improving the health and happiness of their users. Let’s take a deeper dive into what makes each of them distinctly inspiring.

Buoyancy Works

Founded by Jon MacConnell, Buoyancy Works supports individuals through career transitions using behavioral science and technology. Their tools tackle both career planning and personal health, promoting overall wellbeing.


Beautster, founded by Ray Taghavi and Sina Jalali, is the go-to platform for Canadians looking to book beauty appointments. Its wellness centered approach makes it an essential tool in the modern beauty industry.


Created by Heesoo Cho, SABI Mind provides people with a treatment system for chronic pain management and mental health using psychedelic-assisted therapies.


PsiloTec is a healthcare startup founded by Dr. Peter Silverstone. They deliver novel, effective, and affordable solutions for individuals with untreated mental health and neuropsychiatric problems.

Radley Robots

Radley Robots is a startup by Savana Radley offering a communications and concierge service delivered via remote-controlled telepresence robots, promoting wellness in the IT and Robotics space.


Founded by Braeden Pauls, FÜM focuses on creating positive habits and empowering people to quit habits naturally, thereby promoting wellness in the beauty and fitness landscape.


Freddie is paving the way in healthcare services for a community, endorsing personal wellness.


Jenna Galloway’s Fledge is an online platform that gamifies mental health so all children have a launchpad to thrive.

My Normative

Founded by Danika Kelly and Renee Kokts-Porietis, My Normative is the only consumer health tracking software that integrates and contextualizes female specific metrics.


Avi Silverberg’s PowerliftingTechnique.com provides comprehensive and expert content for powerlifting, promoting a holistic wellness approach to fitness and healthcare.

Single Parent Life

Created by Anca Dan, Single Parent Life is a social marketplace app that connects single/solo parents with each other and businesses offering personal and life services. This platform addresses the unique wellness needs of single parents.

Live Timeless

Live Timeless provides health and wellness insights through at-home lab tests and wellness technologies delivered to the workplace.

Brain Bar

Founded by Christopher W. Boyse, Brain Bar is a plant-based protein bar company providing nutrients needed for optimal mind-body performance, promoting wellness in the nutrition sector.

True You Salon & Spa

True You Salon & Spa provides professional hairstyling, coloring, treatments, and spa services, fostering wellness in the service industry.


Last but not least, OrigamAi is a workforce analytics platform offering real-time reporting and recommendations on workplace engagement and employee wellbeing, thereby promoting wellness in the analytics and IT sectors.

In conclusion, these fifteen startups are reshaping the wellness landscape in Canada. They are weaving wellness into every facet of daily life, from the workplace to physical fitness, mental health, and even parenting. With the forward-thinking vision of Calgary’s entrepreneurs, the future of wellness looks promising indeed.

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