What are Ottawa’s Most Influential E-Commerce Startups Transforming Retail in 2023?

Amidst the thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem in Ottawa is a vibrant scene of E-commerce startups that are changing the game in the online domain. From size-inclusive fashion ventures to state-of-the-art ad optimization platforms, Canada’s capital city is making impactful strides in blending technology with commerce. The digital evolution has ushered in an exciting era – filled with startups that harness innovative strategies that enhance online shopping experiences and, in turn, boost sales. Diversity and enterprise characterize these E-commerce startups, which successfully combine an ambitious entrepreneurial spirit with the dynamic potential of digital business. Let’s take a closer look at some of these promising Ottawa startups and the ways they are redefining E-commerce.


MILLIONS.co, co-founded by Adrian Salamunovic, Brandon Austin, and Bruce Buffer, has positioned itself as the leading social commerce and video platform connecting the sports world. This forward-thinking startup effectively leverages technology to revolutionize retail in the sports industry.


Trellis, founded by Mohan Krishna Vemulapali, provides an innovative ad optimization software for e-commerce vendors aspiring to accelerate sales growth and business progression.


Noibu, started by Dan Cardamore, Filip Slatinac, and Kailin Noivo, detects critical issues on E-commerce sites. Through its unique software platform, Noibu aims to enhance the online customer experience and curb revenue loss.


TopSavings, co-founded by Adam Prentice, is a savvy mobile app that compares grocery costs across brands from both local and online outlets. Delivering optimal saving methods with the least amount of effort.


Sustainable and size-inclusive – that’s Belotika for you. Founded by Katiohora Naon, Belotika is an activewear startup pioneering inclusive sportswear fashion.


Thawrih creates inclusive sportswear and gym apparel for both genders with a focus on ethically sourced clothing.


Partum, envisioned by Carli Evilsizer, connects mothers to virtual healthcare providers and value-driven brands – right on an online marketplace.

Hubswirl Inc.

At the intersection of social media and commerce is Hubswirl Inc.. Founded by Robert Dufeu, this platform is a dynamic space for interaction, communication, and information sharing.

Birch Moon Wellness Co.

Offering nutrient-rich herbal and chaga mushroom teas, Birch Moon Wellness Co., founded by Roch St-Georges, has no artificial flavors or added sugars, providing a healthy and sustainable option for tea lovers.


From the minds of Kurtis Cicalo and Miguel Costa comes VoiceFlip. This startup is an intersection of Software as a Service (SaaS) and E-commerce, leveraging tools like Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and Cortana to enable voice-activated shopping.

Spice Divine

A gateway to Indian spices, groceries, and spiritual items – Spice Divine is a one-stop-shop for quintessential Indian items promoting rich cultural experiences.

LiveCast Media

LiveCast Media is not your traditional E-commerce business. It provides web hosting, web design, customization, and live event broadcasting.

Ottawa Shoppers

Offering a premier grocery shopping and delivery service, Ottawa Shoppers simplifies grocery shopping in the Ottawa region.


INRUCA is focusing on the development of E-commerce technology, carving a niche in an evolving industry with striking technical acumen.


UrbanDash offers delivered laundry and dry cleaning, merging convenient urban services with consumer-centric business strategies.

These startups represent a small fragment of Ottawa’s bustling E-commerce scene. Each day, breakthrough technologies, products, and services emerge – all from the diverse E-commerce startup scene of Ottawa. Infused with innovation and brimming with potential, the startups of Ottawa are truly carving a niche in E-commerce, delivering unparalleled customer experiences, and, most importantly, adding value to the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Canada.

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