Which Influential Consulting Startups Define Ottawa’s Tech Landscape in 2023?

In the heart of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, resides an impressive directory of innovative consulting startups. These trailblazing companies, each unique in their focus, are transforming industries, delivering consequential impact and fuelling economic growth. From legal consultation services to digital transformation specialists, here are some of Ottawa’s most intriguing consulting startups.

These startups aren’t just making waves locally- they’re making an impact on a global scale, working in fields as diverse as marketing, digital transformation, and even legal consultation. The companies highlighted below are breaking barriers and leading innovation in their respective industries, making them standouts in the world of entrepreneurial ventures.

Now, let’s learn about these startups that are launching Ottawa’s consulting industry into a new era of cutting-edge solutions and revolutionary insights. Their descriptions, founders, industries, and websites are included for a comprehensive overview.


Trustiics is a go-to online marketplace providing quality legal consultation, legal translation, or legal due diligence. Unfortunately, the names of the founders remain anonymous. You can find them online at Trustiics.

Solv Advisors

Solv Advisors is a one-stop consulting shop focusing on helping startups and small businesses grow sustainably. Find them online at Solv Advisors.

The Sponsorship Collective

The Sponsorship Collective provides coaching, consulting, and asset valuation programs. Visit them at The Sponsorship Collective.


CykoMetrix is a data analytics platform specializing in human factor intelligence. It serves psychometrics testers in need of a platform to deliver testing. Get to know them at CykoMetrix.

Design Centered Co.

Design Centered Co. is a design consulting firm that guides organizations in optimizing their impact. The founder is Urooj Qureshi. Check out their website at Design Centered Co.


Sharkbyte is a custom software development company. It boasts a founder, Jean-Benoit Lesage and is based in Ottawa, Ontario. Visit them at Sharkbyte.


Reliza provides DevOps consulting services and tools. Founded by Olga Levshina and Pavel Shukhman, Reliza is ready to serve at Reliza.

Populus Communications

Populus Communications is a digital marketing & communications agency based in Ottawa. Find them at Populus Communications.

Stellex Group

Headed by Didier Thizy, Stellex Group provides program management and advisory. Visit their website at Stellex Group.

Sales Playbook Builder

Sales Playbook Builder offers professional training, coaching, and consulting services. Find more about them at Sales Playbook Builder.

Daryl Robbins & Associates Consulting

Daryl Robbins & Associates Consulting is a Cloud Consulting Firm founded by Daryl Robbins itself. Visit their site at Daryl Robbins & Associates Consulting.


Hoist specializes in IFS applications and also provides Data migration, ERP Implementation, IT consulting, and process optimization services. Led by Dale Germain and Nick Mezher. More about them Hoist.

Vertex Marketing Agency

Vertex Marketing Agency helps B2B SaaS companies convert more enterprise deals by implementing an Account-Based Marketing strategy. Visit Vertex Marketing Agency.

Phenero Consulting

Phenero is committed to providing value-added services to clients to help companies expand locally and globally. Visit Phenero Consulting.


Differly specializes in digital transformation, strategic planning, marketing, customer engagement, and loyalty. Find more about them at Differly.

There you have it, an inside look at some of Ottawa’s most dynamic consulting startups. With their distinct perspectives and groundbreaking solutions, these companies are redefining what it means to consult in the modern era

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