What Are Calgary’s Transformative Food and Beverage Startups in 2023?

Canada is quickly becoming an entrepreneurial hub – especially in the Food and Beverage industry. A city like Calgary, Alberta, is a great scene of this progressive growth. There are several Food and Beverage startups in Calgary making waves not only within the city but also across Canada, and even globally. These companies, with their innovative products and unique strategies, are contributing significantly to the country’s startup ecosystem. This article showcases 15 interesting Food and Beverage startups based in Calgary.

From providing precise software for food processors and manufacturers to developing nanoemulsion-based technology to improve nutrient absorption and even reinventing the liquor store experience – these startups cover a vast array of services. They are not only offering products but also solutions to improve consumers’ lives and experiences. In this spotlight, we’ll take you through who they are and what they do.

Whether you’re looking for investment opportunities, great local goods and services to enjoy, or just interested in learning more about the dynamic and innovative Calgary startup scene, there’s a lot to discover. Here, we will look at the founders, the industries they serve, and their specific area of interest or technology.

Provision Analytics

A company dedicated to creating practical and precise software for food processors and manufacturers, Provision Analytics is playing an essential role in the sectors of Agriculture, Analytics, Food and Beverage, SaaS, and Software. Founded by Chris Elias, Erik Westblom, and Michael Gibbons, learn more about their mission and services at provision.io.

Axiomm Technologies

Looking at food in a different light, Axiomm Technologies focuses on increasing the efficiency of nutrients absorption by using a groundbreaking nanoemulsion-based technology. Dive deeper into the world of food, beverage, nanotechnology, and nutrition they work with on embarknano.com.

E.O.I Technologies

Developing a remote laser-based vibration sensor intended for rapid and significant data collection, E.O.I Technologies, led by Alex Sulkin, is revolutionizing the Food and Beverage, Machinery Manufacturing, Predictive Analytics, Sensor, and Software industries. Find out more at eoi-technologies.com.


A “hyper-local farm-to-table” brand promising a natural approach to food, Bessie, co-founded by Alexander Leakos, Shanika Abeysinghe, and Spencer Kerber, delivers enterprise software, Food and Beverage, and food delivery services. Check them out at bessiebox.com.


With on-demand delivery services for a wide range of farm-fresh foods, Mundii offers exciting options in consumer goods, delivery, e-commerce, Food and Beverage, and wholesale markets. Founded by Pratik Patel, explore their offerings at mundii.io.


A health company that prides itself in producing nutraceutical mushroom superfoods as a bulk powder ingredient while also creating innovative mycelium foods. Learn more about TruCelium’s amazing products at trucelium.com.


Syzl, co-founded by Adrian Savin and Azrah Manji-Savin, provides certified kitchens on-demand and anywhere, serving the apps, commercial real estate, cooking, Food and Beverage, Food Processing, and sharing economy sectors. Visit syzl.io to explore more.


Logan Skori and Marcus Samuel’s-agricultural biotechnology company, AgGene, specializes in developing plant traits to help in crop production challenges. Find out more at aggene.ca.

My Fungi

Specializing in the production of high-quality mushrooms in different forms, Dave Auger’s company, My Fungi is contributing significantly in the Agriculture, AgTech, Farming, Food and Beverage, and Manufacturing industries. Visit them at myfungi.ca.

Sexy AF Spirits

Jo-Anne Reynolds’ alcohol-free spirits venture, Sexy AF Spirits, is an exciting player in the Food and Beverage, and Wine and Spirits sectors. Learn more at sexyafspirits.com.


Advancing the future of food, CultivatR is a new food system that promises benefits for the Farmer, the Consumer, and the Environment. Explore their groundbreaking concept and products at Cultivatr.ca.

Top Grade Ag

Providing scientific in-bin grain drying solutions, Top Grade Ag, founded by Glenn Wilde and Kent Gulka, is making strides in the Agriculture, Food and Beverage, and IT domains. Find out more on topgradeag.com.

Bodega Brands

Zack Lister’s Bodega Brands caters to the hospitality industry providing beverage products. Explore their offerings at bodega-brands.co.

Craft Tapp

Craft Tapp, a company founded by Irshad Shariff, aims to reinvent and modernize the liquor store experience by connecting consumers to local alcohol producers. Discover their innovative services and products at crafttapp.ca.

Global Wine Database

‘Every wine has a story’ claims the last feature of our list – Global Wine Database. Co-founders David Gluzman and Matthew Protti are here to help tell the story of your wine. Explore the Food and Beverage, Product Research, Wine And Spirits, and Winery services they offer at gwdb.io.

The thriving ecosystem of the Food and Beverage startups in Calgary is something to watch out for. Whether you are an investor, a potential collaborator, or a consumer looking for new trends, these companies bring a mix of innovation, uniqueness, and originality that is worth exploring. So delve a bit deeper and discover the vibrant and growing world of Calgary’s Food and Beverage startups.

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