Who are Calgary’s Most Influential E-Commerce Startups in Today’s Market?

The city of Calgary, in Alberta, Canada, is relatively well-known for its petroleum industry, but lesser known is its technology scene. And within this scene, a growing number of startups are innovating in the e-commerce sector, leveraging digital tools and platforms to disrupt traditional business models and provide unique services to their customers. In this feature, we cast the spotlight on fifteen such Calgary-based e-commerce startups, each offering an innovative solution in its respective field.

With the rapid digitalization of various industries, the e-commerce landscape is becoming increasingly diverse, dealing with a wide range of goods and services. From beauty appointments and local shopping to freight management and autonomous delivery, these Calgary startups are expanding and reshaping the scope of e-commerce. As we delve into their stories, we’ll get a glimpse of how each of these innovative ventures is harnessing the power of e-commerce to redefine their industries.

Let’s embark on our virtual tour of these exciting Canadian startups, each with its distinct focus and unique selling proposition, showcasing the multifaceted nature of today’s e-commerce landscape.


Bulky operates in the chemical, cloud computing, e-commerce platforms, freight service, logistics, shipping, and supply chain management industries. Its platform allows liquid chemical shippers and tanker truck carriers to match their bulk freight loads for transport instantly.


Founded by Ray Taghavi and Sina Jalali, Beautster is Canada’s number one online platform for booking beauty appointments. This startup operates within the beauty, e-commerce, internet, marketplace, personal health, and wellness sectors.

Local Shops

Local Shops, founded by Ryan Corry and Serene Yew, is an e-commerce platform that encourages customers to shop locally on a global scale.


Mundii, founded by Pratik Patel, is an online store that offers a wide range of farm-fresh foods, coupled with convenient on-demand delivery services.

Return Guru – We come to you

Return Guru is a technology company that provides an e-commerce marketplace platform.


Dianomix was founded by Ali Asghari and Marius Ulsamer. This startup is an e-commerce manufacturer that provides last-mile delivery solutions using autonomous delivery robots.


Founded by Claudiu Bella, pronto streamlines product photography for eCommerce brands, operating within the digital marketing, e-commerce, photo editing, photography, and social media industries.

Menu Mandala Ltd.

Menu Mandala Ltd was founded by Jasen Stein and Ricky Kawa. This startup specializes in ready-to-eat meal delivery, offering a variety of servings through its e-commerce platform.

Hair Care Canada

Founded by Corby Johnston and Shelley Lester, Hair Care Canada is an online store that sells a wide range of hair care and beauty products, operating within the beauty, e-commerce, health care, and retail sectors.

Craft Tapp

Craft Tapp is a startup founded by Irshad Shariff. It connects consumers to local alcohol producers, aiming to modernize the liquor store experience for Canadians.


Founded by Mona Haghi, SweetnFresh is a bread and baked goods delivery platform that connects customers with their local bakeries.

Bitvo Exchange

Bitvo is a startup on a mission to become Canada’s top cryptocurrency exchange. It services the blockchain, cryptocurrency, e-commerce, finance, and trading platform sectors.


Leafify is an online plant store that sources from local Canadian greenhouses and delivers a variety of plants directly to your doorstep.


Sevenza is an e-commerce platform that helps enterprises, small businesses, and sole-traders to advertise, market, and sell their products.


Shuttr offers a platform that connects photographers, videographers, and editors, making it easy for users to book an appointment online.

In the increasingly digital landscape, these fifteen Calgary-based e-commerce startups exemplify the breadth and depth of innovation possible in this field. As they continue to evolve, we look forward to following their journeys and reporting on new developments and successes that come their way.

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