What Are Canada’s Most Influential Consumer Electronics Startups This Year?

Consumer electronics is an industry that is continually evolving, with startups constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Canada, with its vibrant tech ecosystem, is no exception to this global trend. From blockchain and clean energy to health care and artificial intelligence, Canadian startups are at the forefront of groundbreaking consumer electronics technology. Here are 15 Canadian startups that are making waves in this space.

The startups listed cover a broad range of consumer electronics, from devices that facilitate cloud storage to water purification technologies, AI accelerators, and more. What they all have in common, however, is a commitment to innovation. They are often led by passionate founders who are determined to transform their industries and change the way we interact with technology.

For each startup, we’ve provided a brief profile and a link to their website. Whether you’re an investor, a fellow entrepreneur, a tech enthusiast or just really curious, we hope you’ll find these profiles as exciting and inspiring as we do.


About: Functionland is on a mission to revolutionize cloud storage. With blockchain, cloud computing, consumer electronics and software at its core, Functionland breaks the monopoly of central cloud storage. Functionland was founded by Ehsan Shariati, Arman Shirani, and Aaron Maines.Visit website


About: Airgraft is a clean vaporization technology company operating in the cannabis and wellness sector. Their innovative technology aims to provide a cleaner means of consuming cannabis. Airgraft was founded by Mladen Barbaric.Visit website


About: Daanaa’s proprietary semiconductor technology provides power transactions medium and modality-free. It can function both wired or wireless in AC/DC modes. They operate in several industries including consumer electronics, energy storage, clean energy and electric vehicles. Daanaa was founded by Javad Shariatzadeh and Soroush Dehghani.Visit website


About: KEEP Labs is revolutionizing the concept of the modern medicine cabinet by integrating it with a data platform. Operating in the healthcare and consumer electronics industry, KEEP Labs was founded by Ben Gliksman, Joel Scott, and Philip Wilkins.Visit website


About: AAVAA develops a pioneering bionic ear that helps reduce noise and acts as a hearing impairment correction device. It operates across many industries including audio, consumer electronics, neuroscience and healthcare. AAVAA was founded by Naeem Komeilipoor.Visit website


About: Drinkable is utilizing breakthroughs in electrochemistry to provide effortless, affordable, and accurate drinking water testing. They operate across multiple sectors including consumer electronics, nanotechnology and water purification. Drinkable was founded by Matthew Mizzi and Robert Afari.Visit website

Brink Bionics

About: Brink Bionics is developing bionic arms with machine learning that integrate with the human body. They operate across various industries including artificial intelligence, education and consumer electronics. Brink Bionics was founded by Erik Lloyd, Jiayuan He and Ning Jiang.Visit website


About: Cubert is a consumer technology and product developer focusing on personal health. Cubert was founded by Jeffrey Lee and Marius Rønnov.Visit website


About: OtO produces smart devices for lawn and garden care, implementing technology, IoT, product design and robotics. The company was founded by Ali Sabti.Visit website


About: CYKEL develops innovative hardware and software to make eBikes safer, more secure and smarter. CYKEL was founded by Daniel Godfrey and Simon Chapman.Visit website

Leafi Home

About: Leafi Home operates in the smart home and consumer electronics industry. The company was founded by Christopher Pang and William Wang.Visit website


About: Bello offers consumers the opportunity to create their own healthy and customized water at home. The company operates in consumer electronics, hardware and the water purification sector. Bello was founded by Clément Bouland and Marc Schaal.Visit website


About: Cybeart is a gaming chair and gaming peripherals manufacturer. They operate in the consumer electronics, consumer goods and retail sector. Cybeart was founded by Krutik Patel.Visit website

TechPOS International Corp.

About: TechPOS International Corp. claims to offer Canada’s first Omni-Channel User-Experience for the cannabis retailer. It operates across the consumer electronics, information technology and software sector. TechPOS International Corp. was founded by Amir Ahani.Visit website

Aarish Technologies

About: Aarish Technologies develops high-performance, low-power, and low-cost Artificial Intelligence (AI) accelerators. They operate in the artificial intelligence, consumer electronics and machine learning sector. Aarish Technologies was founded by Pavel Sinha.Visit website

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