How Are Quebec’s Social Startups Revolutionizing the Canadian Industry?

In the land of maple syrup, hockey, and a vibrant tech scene, Quebec is fostering innovative and brilliant social startups. Paving the way for the next generation of entrepreneurs and technologists, these companies are pushing the boundaries of what we expect from technology, enhancing our online experiences, and transforming how we interact on social media. A collective passion for social responsibility, creativity, and advanced technology fuel these startups. Let’s explore 15 outstanding social startups originating from the wonderful province of Quebec.


Depix is a trailblazer in the SaaS, AI Photo-Editing sector. Co-founded by Dwayne Elahie, Mathieu Garon, and Mathieu Saint-Denis, Depix uses Artificial Intelligence to disrupt the photo-editing, social media, and software industries.


SENTR3, a blockchain, communities and social network company founded by Chris Defour and Paul-Adrien Lamoureux, offers a next-generation community management platform to power native Web3 experiences.

Heyday AI

Heyday AI, a brainchild of David Bordeleau, Hugues Rousseau, and Steve Desjarlais, is the leading Conversational AI platform for retailers. Its robust AI powers various industries, including e-commerce, customer service, and social media management.

Plus Company

Plus Company was designed to make interagency collaboration fluid and productive. This advertising and social media marketing startup is making waves in its sector.

Entreprendre Sherbrooke

Entreprendre Sherbrooke is a paramunicipal economic development organization driving social entrepreneurship in Quebec.


Nurau, a social media startup founded by Justin Lessard-Wajcer, is centered on improving the well-being of millions. Nurau stands as the first social media platform of its kind in the healthcare sector.

Hypixel Studio

Hypixel Studio, co-founded by Simon Collins-Laflamme, is developing Hytale, an open-world concept game, setting a fresh trend in the video games and social media industries.


SocialGrep, a venture by Andrey Sherbakov, is a player in big data, market research, and social media. The startup is unlocking value by extracting signals from the web of noise.


Woopen, Jerome Verdier’s startup, is a social media infused real estate and housing app, established to help real estate and housing entities within a large community.


Emma42, pioneered by Jayson Samuel Hadjadj, is a creative agency offering holistic solutions in advertising, social media, web design, and e-commerce – providing vital support to growing startups. co-founded by René Saint-Pierre and Thomas Jelonek, leverages its proprietary patented deep-tech to transform video workflow efficiency and generate new revenue from video assets.

Creative TRND

Creative TRND is a one-stop-shop providing services such as market research, web development, advertising, and social media strategy. is a data marketplace. They offer a place to search, buy, sell, and download datasets for machine learning and big data purposes.

V3 Stent Group

V3 Stent Group, founded by Alexandre Bouchard, Louis-Vincent Ledoux, and Philippe Racine is an innovative player in the AI and SaaS scene providing solutions for marketing, HR, and sales purposes and aiding businesses in achieving their goals.

Montreal AI Ethics Institute

Montreal AI Ethics Institute is a think-tank founded by Abhishek Gupta and Renjie Butalid, researching the ethical, safe and inclusive development of AI. This institute is having an invaluable impact on the AI, CivicTech, and Social industries.

Inspiring, innovative, and downright bold, these ventures inject life and vigor into Quebec’s social startup scene. They underscore the rise of Quebec as a significant hub for technological innovation and social startups worldwide. Watch this space, for Quebec is just getting started.

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