Which BC Consumer Startups Are Shaping Canada’s Retail Industry in 2023?

In the prime province of British Columbia, several consumer startups are making waves with their innovative products and commendable services. This article pays homage to some such companies that have garnered substantial attention and emerged as true game-changers in the consumer industry. The dynamic range of these startups covers fields as diverse as clean energy, lifestyle, mobile applications, eco-friendly goods, and financial services, underscoring the entrepreneurial spirit and technical prowess present in British Columbia today.

The set of companies profiled here are characterized not just by the novelty of their ideas but also by their dedicated focus on consumer needs and their sensitivity to wider social and environmental concerns. From exquisite dinnerware made from recycled clay to sustainable agricultural fibre pulp and a practical trip planner, these startups serve a broad spectrum of consumer requirements. Managed by visionaries who’ve taken risks to service gaps in diverse industries, these startups all bear the indelible mark of innovation.

We invite you to explore these fascinating companies and hope you find them as intriguing as we do. Each embodies the potential and vibrancy of the BC startup ecosystem, providing us a promising glimpse into the future of the consumer goods and services industry.


Daanaa is revolutionizing the energy sector with its proprietary semiconductor technology that facilitates free mode and medium power transactions. This innovation is finding applications in industries ranging from electric vehicles and energy management to renewable energy. Founded by Javad Shariatzadeh and Soroush Dehghani, Daanaa stands as a torchbearer of energy efficiency.


Established by Joe Parenteau, Maxwell Tims, and Tina Luu, Fable is redefining dinnerware by creating premium tableware from recycled clay. Merging functionality with sustainability, Fable serves as a strong testament to mindful living.


GameOn, established by Matt Bailey, extends an immersive experience to superfans with its domain of online and mobile games. It is a leading player in blockchain, cryptocurrency, and sports betting applications.

Mala the Brand

Fulfilling the essential need for quality candles is Mala the Brand founded by Melody Lim. With an enticing range of crafted candles, Mala has quickly gained fandom among consumers.

Red Leaf Pulp

Red Leaf Pulp, started by Darby Kreitz, provides a unique solution for sustainable production and use of agricultural fibre pulp, aligning with green consumer goods and manufacturing sectors.

Little Kitchen Academy

The innovative Little Kitchen Academy, founded by Brian Curin, Felicity Curin, and Praveen Varshney, facilitates Montessori-inspired cooking classes for kids aged 3 to nineteen years old.


Pilot is an engaging social trip planner that lets you discover, plan, and share trips with friends. Created by Connor J. Wilson and Vaishnavi Sriram, Pilot is making trip planning accessible and enjoyable to users worldwide.

Tru Earth

Tru Earth, co-founded by Brad Liski, Kevin Hinton, and Ryan McKenzie, is a champion for responsible consumption with its eco-friendly household products, designed to prevent plastic waste from entering our oceans and landfills.


Providing seamless tools for family management is Milo, founded by Avni Patel Thompson. Milo aids parents with the weekly logistics and information management of running a family.


In the e-commerce sector, Mantaro is a B2C site offering a variety of products to consumers, contributing significantly to the online shopping domain.


CYKEL, established by Daniel Godfrey and Simon Chapman, is making eBikes safer and smarter with its innovative hardware and software developments.

Leafi Home

Leafi Home, created by Christopher Pang and William Wang, brings technology home with its smart home and IoT solutions, enhancing the way users interact with their living spaces.

Net Zero Co

Net Zero Co is an online store that offers eco-friendly bags, cleaning products, face wash bars, among other sustainable items, promoting conscious consumer choices.


Providing Shari’ah-compliant factoring solutions for e-commerce businesses is VePay. Founders Derrick Chen and Mafaz Jaufer are transforming financial services through their inclusive approach.


Newsly, founded by Yoni Tzafrir, is a mobile application that aggregates trending news and audio content. This innovation is reshaping the manner in which news and information are consumed today.

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