Which Influential Education Startups Are Shaping British Columbia’s Future?

Education technology is a rapidly evolving field that is disrupting traditional learning methods, making education more accessible and engaging. In this feature, we will shine a light on some of the innovative education startups based out of British Columbia, Canada. These forward-thinking companies cover the breadth of educational needs, including coaching, publishing, global student marketplaces, language learning, cooking classes for kids, career planning, and more.

The surge in EdTech startups in recent years reflects a shift in societal demands and technological advancements. With many challenges in education, such as high dropout rates, lack of access to quality resources and teachers, and outdated teaching methods, these startups promise a much-needed and timely revolution. They are proof that Canada is leading the charge in EdTech, with British Columbia producing many of the country’s standout successes.

In this article, we present 15 EdTech startups that are using technology to reimagine the education sector. These companies are transforming the learning process through their innovative products, making education more interactive, engaging, and adaptable to different learning styles. Furthermore, their entrepreneurial efforts underscore the vibrant, innovative spirit seen throughout British Columbia’s startup ecosystem.


Co-founded by Josh Blair, Maya Liberman, and Opher Brayer, Impro is a technology platform that enables action-based coaching at scale, pushing the boundaries of the education, human resources, and training sectors.


Legible, founded by Kaleeg Hainsworth, is a publishing company that connects authors and readers through open access to a global reading and publishing platform, blending digital media, eBooks, education, and publishing.

International Deal Gateway

Deal Gateway, founded by Dean Lindal, Elizabeth Priestman, and Jordan Trimble, is a private online global community for entrepreneurs, investors, and family offices, bringing together sectors like angel investment, blockchain, education, financial services, funding platform, real estate investment, and venture capital.

UME Studio

Co-founded by Daniel Roizman and Jean Mistrot, UME.Studio simulates in-person learning and collaboration for training complex technologies and workflows, combining communications infrastructure, E-Learning, education, information technology, software, and training.


Created by Inna Bogdanova, Aplic.io provides a marketplace for students seeking study abroad opportunities, centered around college recruiting, EdTech, education, and marketplace.

TUEX International Education Ltd

TUEX, founded by Alfred Chien, is a multi-lingual app-based tutor that connects students to qualified tutors, with Apps, EdTech, and Education as its focal areas.

Little Kitchen Academy

Cofounded by Brian Curin, Felicity Curin, and Praveen Varshney, Little Kitchen Academy is a Montessori-inspired cooking academy for kids aged 3-19, combining consumer goods, EdTech, and Education.


Cofounded by Annee Ngo, Matthew Jones, and Rukshana Hassanali, SoftServe is a game-based learning and assessment platform for soft skills, focusing on Education and Gaming.


Founded by Rob Hernandez, Pounse is a career springboard for students in career planning, education, higher education, secondary education, and universities.


eWebinar, founded by David Dawson and Melissa Kwan, is an advanced platform that turns any video into an interactive, automated webinar, with key industries being education, marketing, sales, software, and training.

Altcoin Fantasy

Founded by Cynthia Huang and Tommy Chan, Altcoin Fantasy offers a fun and realistic way for people to learn about crypto trading risk-free through a cryptocurrency trading simulator, with blockchain, cryptocurrency, education, FinTech, gamification, gaming, mobile apps as main focuses.


FLIK, co-founded by Michelle Kwok and Ravina Anand, is a platform & community hub connecting female leaders and students across the world via meaningful apprenticeships, covering communities, higher education, and training.


Founded by Kwan Fung, Mining2Me is a non-profit that aims to transform the public’s perception of mining through animated infographic videos, specializing in education, mining, mining technology, and nonprofit.

Ensightful App

Created by Chris Du, Ensightful is a team management tool made for higher education that helps students and instructors get the most out of group projects, focusing on EdTech, Higher Education, and Project Management.


Established by Krishna Gupta, Live Learning Technologies is a Canadian company building tools for teachers and educators globally, with core interests in E-Learning, Education, Information Technology, Internet, and Software.

These remarkable EdTech startups are redefining the educational landscape in British Columbia, harnessing the power of technology to offer unique learning solutions. They exemplify Canada’s strong spirit of innovation, setting the stage for the future of education.

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