Which Ontario Service Industry Startups are Impacting Canada’s Economy in 2023?

In recent years there has been a burgeoning startup scene in Ontario, Canada. With Toronto and Ottawa leading the business, innovation, and culture; Ontario has welcomed many new businesses. The industries covered by these burgeoning businesses are vast and all quite disruptive in their own right. From Financial Services, Risk Management, Crypto Trading, to Mobile Apps, Marketing, Product Design, and even the Real Estate Investment industry. Ontario startups are showing up in full force and offering incredible services in these sectors.

Let’s plunge into the heart of this innovation, the startups themselves. These are businesses led by industry leaders, with innovative products that are transforming the market, redefining industries and driving progress. Here’s the list of Ontario based service industry startups you need to watch in Canada.

In honour of their efforts and to provide an avenue for them to gain the recognition they deserve, today we present you with an inspiring line-up of startups. Let’s take you through the journey of each of these startups, showcasing what they do, the industry they are revolutionizing and their founders.

BOXX Insurance

BOXX Insurance is a startup that pioneers in risk management solutions for small-to-medium-sized businesses. Founded by Michael Senechal and Vishal Kundi, they are fostering a significant evolution in the Financial Services industry.


CoinSmart, co-founded by Jeremy Koven, Justin D. Hartzman, and Michael Koral, is a Crypto Trading Platform. This startup provides an innovative solution to the challenging world of cryptocurrency trading, contributing to the Financial Services and Service Industry in Ontario.

Panda Hub

Panda Hub, developed by Abdullah Sharief and Mark Ahee, is pushing forward the Automotive, Mobile Apps, Service Industry and Software sectors in Ontario with their ‘on-demand mobile car care’ service.

VAE Energy

Next up is VAE Energy. This company brings a unique product to the market – Energy Spray designed specifically for high performers who need an immediate boost. Their creative product resonates well in the domains of Consumer Goods, Marketing, Product Design, and Service Industry.


BuyProperly, co-founded by Khushboo Jha, makes waves in FinTech, Real Estate Investment and the Service Industry with their AI-driven online exchange for fractional alternate asset investments, primarily real estate.

Eddy Travels

Helmed by Adomas Baltagalvis, Edmundas Balčikonis, and Pranas Kiziela, Eddy Travels is an innovative startup that aims to redefine the travel sector with their Travel Assistant Application that relies on cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence.


Founded by Ricky Gill, Reefreshed is an online platform that revolutionizes the delivery service industry by providing goods and services around the clock, with delivery carried out within minutes.


Cohesys, with Michael Floros at its forefront, develops unique biocompatible adhesives for surgical applications, stirring up progress in the Market Research, Medical Device, and Service Industries.

Atlys Networks

Atlys Networks, led by Amir Noorafkan, is a mobile application platform that’s bringing significant enhancements to the Business Intelligence, Mobile Apps, and Service Industry sectors.

Maamigin Environmental & Relations

Maamigin Environmental & Relations is an Indigenous Environmental Management company disrupting the Environmental Consulting and Service Industry in Ontario.

iTechnolabs Inc

iTechnolabs Inc is a software development company that offers a range of services from web applications to digital marketing services. Led by Pankaj Arora, iTechnolabs is bringing positive implications to the Apps, E-Commerce, and Service Industry.


InWork360 is a startup devoted to easing the job search process and providing employers with a more efficient way to find the right candidates. They are revolutionizing the Professional Services and Recruiting categories in Ontario’s Service Industry.

8Twelve Mortgage Corporation

If you’re seeking mortgage brokers to guide you through your journey in the home market, then look no further than 8Twelve Mortgage Corporation. This team’s work makes them a significant player in Ontario’s Financial Services and Service Industry.


iAmigo.net – Founded by Yogesh Soni, iAmigo.net brings a modern take on E-Commerce with their innovative solutions. They are causing waves in Ontario’s E-Commerce, Professional Services, Service Industry.

Lightbound 3D

Rounding out the list is Lightbound 3D. With services that range from Building Information Services, 3D Technology, Architecture, and Photography, they have carved a niche for themselves in Ontario’s Service Industry.

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