Which Ontario Non-Profit Startups Are Influencing Change in 2023?

Innovation and entrepreneurship in Canada’s nonprofit sector is flourishing, more so in Ontario. With utilization of technology, these nonprofits are bringing remarkable changes in various societal sectors, from health care to education, information technology, and many more. As part of our focus on startups in the nonprofit space, we bring to you the profiles of some unique nonprofits that are changing the way we think of traditional philanthropic efforts. Below are 15 Ontario-based nonprofit startups contributing significantly to their respective cause.

Hopeful Inc.

Hopeful Inc., envisaged by Ahsan Javed and Alexander Jivov, is the first Social Fundtech platform that offers non-profits the opportunity to monetize their social media followers for fundraising. This startup operates in the overlapping space of Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning, Non Profit, and Predictive Analytics industries.


With its motto of “helping you make a difference,” HeroHub facilitates a more effective charity process. Conceived by Chipewyan McCrimmon, Marina Radovanovic, and Sundar Manku, it operates in various sectors, including Charity, ICT, IT, Nonprofit, Social Entrepreneurship, and Social Media.


Givecloud empowers nonprofits to engage donors and inspire meaningful change, by making the giving process easier and quicker. This startup, founded by Josh Bloomfield, operates within the CRM, non-profit, and software sectors.

Toronto Public Library

The Toronto Public Library, founded by John Hallam, provides free and equitable access to services that meet the changing needs of Torontonians. This encompasses the Association, Information Technology, and Nonprofit sectors.

Health Standards Organization

Health Standards Organization is a non-profit singularly focussed on health & social services. It concentrates on developing and promoting standards and assessment programs to improve healthcare across the globe.


GiveLife365, founded by Shivraj Dheer, offers a CRM software purpose-built for Non-Profit Organizations. They belong to the CRM, Information Technology, Non Profit, SaaS, and Software industries.

Goodszilla Inc

Goodszilla Inc, an initiative by Toju Ogbeide, allows people to purchase and sell items, with a portion of the sales proceeding to any chosen charity. This startup is a unique blend of Charity, E-Commerce, Marketplace and Non Profit sectors.

Bootcamps for Change

Bootcamps for Change is a noble initiative that sets up in-shelter fitness programs to aid youth experiencing homelessness. They operate in the Employment, Fitness, Non Profit, and Rehabilitation domains.

Prospective Medical Professionals

Head over to Prospective Medical Professionals to find an organization, led by Lucy Zhao, helping young individuals make informed decisions about careers in the healthcare sector.

The Canadian Association for Global Health

The Canadian Association for Global Health works to connect, engage, strengthen, and mobilize the health community through collaborative research, learning, and advocacy.

Kayla’s Children Centre

Kayla’s Children Centre is a heartening organization serving as a school, therapy clinic, and recreational center for children with disabilities.

Chatham Kent Health Alliance

The Chatham-Kent Health Alliance is a healthcare organization that provides essential medical treatment, internal medicine, and surgery to patients.


Lumenus offers an array of services in mental health, developmental, autism, and early years intervention to adults and children.


DoneMaker is a digital agency that helps nonprofits garner donations and new member subscriptions through a Google ad grant, they operate in the Apps, Marketing, and Non Profit sectors.

Testoper Community

Lastly, Testoper Community, established by Kader Khan, is a nonprofit grassroots movement that addresses future skills and innovation challenges. They operate in the Information Technology and Non-Profit sectors.

Innovation continues to drive the non-profit sector in Ontario, with these startups causing waves of positive change. Their contribution towards building a better community is truly inspiring. The next time you want to contribute to a good cause, you know where to look!

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