Who Are Ontario’s Most Influential Brand Marketing Startups in 2023?

Brand marketing significantly enhances a company’s visibility, recognition, and customer loyalty, making it a key component of a successful product or service launch. The field has been reimagined by several creative and innovative startups, particularly in Ontario, Canada – a region thriving with entrepreneurial activity. Here, we showcase 15 brand marketing startups that are captivating the industry with their unique approaches and solutions, which range from content creation to brand strategy, advertising, and more.

Many of these companies incorporate new-age tools into their methods such as digital marketing, SEO, SaaS platforms, and web development to name a few. They specialize in a wide array of sectors, including but not limited to the cannabis industry, digital media, content strategy, photography, product design, and marketing automation. Here is a deeper dive into each of these startups that have flourished in the Ontario ecosystem.

Each startup detailed below comes with its industry focus, founders, and a summarized description to help you understand their unique value proposition and role in the brand marketing landscape. The wealth of resources and eclectic talent within these startups provide the prospective insights on this niche that continue to shape the world of brand marketing.

Artboard Studio

Artboard Studio, based in Ontario, is an inventive startup led by Hooman Askari and Mucahit Gayiran that serves as a collaborative mockup design tool. Its industry focus includes digital marketing, graphic design, product design, and software, offering solutions in the realm of brand marketing and video editing.

Thrive Cannabis

Thrive Cannabis, co-founded by Art Bluhm, is an ACMPR licensed producer that specializes in the cultivation of premium quality, small-batch craft cannabis. They operate within the fields of brand marketing, cannabis, and manufacturing.


AsteroidX is a prominent startup that provides services such as pay-per-click advertising, marketing, graphic design, branding, sponsored product commercials, and video creation. They are particularly strong in the areas of advertising, brand marketing, digital marketing, and SEM and SEO.

Txtify Technologies

Co-established by Eric Dewhirst and John Stewart, Txtify Technologies is an innovative SaaS platform that prioritizes creating unique QR experiences. They contribute to the worlds of brand marketing, marketing automation, apps, QR codes, and SaaS.


Spark&Spur, founded by Varun Sharma, offers a wide spectrum of services including brand identity, content marketing, website design and development, and email marketing. This startup falls under the industry segments of advertising, brand marketing, creative agencies, SEO, UX design, and web design.

Tyger Tyger Strategy + Creative

Operating in the advertising and brand marketing industry, Tyger Tyger Strategy + Creative provides services related to advertising, marketing, and content creation. They additionally work within the field of social media management.

Match Retail

Match Retail is a sales, merchandising and branded retail agency, which operates for major brands across North America. They hold a strong position in brand marketing and the retail industry.


TMRRW, founded by Liwordson Vijayabalan, is a branding agency that helps companies create visual identities and content, providing services within the advertising, brand marketing, creative agency, social media, and web development industries.

Ensiha Digital

A marketing firm specializing in content strategy, online audio design, photography, and social media management services, Ensiha Digital actively operates in brand marketing, content, digital marketing, the music label industry, photography, SEO, and social media advertising.


Bizbird, founded by Ben Constanty, is a full-service marketing agency that operates within brand marketing, digital marketing, content marketing, email marketing, marketing, and marketing automation.

Puff Digital

Puff Digital develops, supports, and markets cannabis brands using their full creative agency services. They operate within advertising, brand marketing, content marketing, SEO, social media, social media marketing, and web development.

GreenX Media

GreenX Media is a digital media agency that offers services within the industry of advertising, brand marketing, digital media, SEO, and web design.

Deskree Studio

Deskree Studio, founded by Dmytro Grechko, is a software development company that works with both startups and enterprises, operating within the fields of brand marketing, consulting, software, and software engineering.

Rayvn Design

Rayvn Design is a brand strategy and design consultancy that assists subject-matter experts in creating premium brands, thus turning their expertise into profit. They operate within advertising, brand marketing, graphic design, social media marketing, and web design.

Experiment Nation

Founded by Rommil Santiago, Experiment Nation creates content related to conversion rate optimization, product management, and growth. They actively operate within the brand marketing, content creation, digital marketing, market research, and product management industries.

This list reflects the dynamism and diversity within the Brand marketing sector in Ontario, amplifying the role Ontario startups play in shaping the brand marketing narrative both locally and globally.

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