What Are the Top Influential SaaS Startups in Alberta Today?

Alberta, renowned for its vibrant startup scene and dynamic entrepreneurial spirit, boasts a strong roster of Software as a Service (SaaS) startups. As digitization accelerates, SaaS startups are revolutionizing various industries with innovative solutions catering to unique business needs. Let’s shine a spotlight on some of Alberta’s remarkable SaaS startups contributing to Canada’s robust tech ecosystem.

In a sector known for its rapid changes and advancements, SaaS startups from Alberta have remarkably managed to stay ahead of the curve by consistently delivering cutting-edge tech solutions. By leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain, and other tech trends, these businesses offer cloud-based software solutions to challenges facing industries ranging from agriculture to real estate, energy management to human resources.

Here are some of the most promising SaaS startups in Alberta, their primary focus, and how they are providing value to businesses around the world.

Provision Analytics

Provision Analytics brings precision to the food processing industry by providing practical software applications. Co-founded by Chris Elias, Erik Westblom, and Michael Gibbons, the software offers insightful data to food processors and manufacturers.


Developed by Abdullah Choudhry, Alex Todorovic, and Ben Grande, Arbor is a sustainability-focused SaaS platform. It helps companies measure, monitor, and improve product sustainability using proprietary data.


HeyAuto streamlines the modern car-buying process. With founders Brent Lane and Brett Jones at the helm, this platform connects automotive dealerships to potential car buyers and sellers.

Mercator AI

Offering a real-time construction intelligence platform, Mercator AI helps businesses pinpoint and capitalize on new opportunities in the construction sector. The startup was founded by Chloe Smith and Hogan Lee.


Ontopical, co-founded by Christiaan Fulton and Derrick Koenig, targets the government contract market. The SaaS platform gives businesses an early peek at upcoming government contract opportunities.


Caret is a proptech company that offers an all-in-one communication, reservation, and work order solution for property managers and owners.

GreyJay Energy

Transforming buildings into efficiency superstars, GreyJay Energy is an energy service tech company. Kam Shergill led the creation of this innovative platform.


Aimed at small to medium-sized businesses, Koridor is an ERP SaaS platform. Joohyung Lee founded this startup to help businesses streamline their operations.


Resume Free, led by Allie Knull, offers a fresh perspective on the recruitment process. This platform matches candidates with employers without the use of resumes.

Bison & Bird

Bison & Bird, founded by Ryan Hopf, assists companies in digitizing processes through automation, operations integration, and data transformation.


Aliud caters to the growing demand for online marketplaces. Co-founded by Dominique Beaupre, Aliud connects independent sellers with buyers leveraging social e-commerce services.


Vencru was created by Ben Ofili and Chika Ofili to help small businesses manage their financials. This SaaS platform offers easy visibility into sales, expenses, inventory, and accounting.


Propra, by founders Al-Karim Khimji and Craig Adam, is a property management SaaS platform that offers innovative solutions for property managers.

Nude Solutions

Positively disrupting the insurance industry, Nude Solutions, led by Braden Bosch, provides comprehensive insurance-focused SaaS services.


Idyaflow enables businesses to create online marketplaces easily. The peer-to-peer marketplace solution caters to diverse sectors and is a prime example of the innovative softwares Alberta’s startups are capable of.

In summary, Alberta’s SaaS startups are shaping various industries with innovative solutions. Their dedication to finding unique solutions to various sector-specific challenges cements their position at the cutting edge of technological advancement. With this spirit of innovation and entrepreneurial resilience, Alberta continues to make waves in the global startup ecosystem.

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