Who Are Alberta’s Most Influential Finance Startups in 2023?

In the heart of Canada, a revolution in the financial industry is brewing, with Alberta serving as a hotbed for innovative startups. From investment apps to payment processors, these new-age companies are redefining the way we approach finance. Here, we showcase and delve into fifteen exciting finance startups that are disrupting typical stereotypes, bringing fresh perspectives, and implementing advanced tech solutions in Alberta, Canada.


Flahmingo is a breakthrough investment app that encourages retail investors to begin their investing journey with fractional shares starting at just $1. Founders Gio L. Moros, Kunal Seth, and Taran Singh Kainth have created a platform that offers commission-free investing, bringing accessibility to the world of finance, financial services, fintech and information technology.

Neo Financial

Making waves in the fintech space is Neo Financial. Formed by Andrew Chau, Jeff Adamson, and Kris Read, this company provides spending, savings, and worthwhile rewards programs. Their robust platform is redefining personal finance in a world that is rapidly going digital.

Rome Blockchain Labs

With a focus on decentralized technology, Rome Blockchain Labs is pushing boundaries in the realms of blockchain, cryptocurrency, data mining, and finance. As a pioneer in decryption technologies, it has the potential to revolutionize how transactions are carried out across the globe.

Swiss Vault

Catering to a critical element of finance – data security -, Swiss Vault has emerged as a leader in designing and building economical data storage systems. Founders Bhupinder Bhullar and Douglas Fortune are leveraging their expertise in data storage, hardware, and finance to offer top-notch privacy solutions.


Gloprime is a unique supply chain firm that offers procurement services and payment support that connects small businesses to manufacturers. Founded by Chijioke Njoku, the company is redefining consulting, finance, financial services, and marketing with its novel solutions.


An example of finance’s gender inclusivity is Rallie, a crypto investing platform built primarily with women in mind. Founders Leanne Leblanc and Meredith Wasney are transforming the landscape of personal finance, fintech, and financial services with their female-friendly approach.


By transforming banking into an exciting endeavour, Ever stands apart with its prize-linked banking app, allowing users to save and earn money through rewards. This innovation in banking and personal finance demonstrates the fascinating shift in financial services.

Tetra Trust

Tetra Trust, helmed by Eric Richmond, has entered the finance market with solutions for accessible storage of digital assets in the financial services industry. Their approach shows the value of safeguarding assets in an increasingly digital world.


A standout in cryptocurrency, finance, fintech and virtual currency is PayTrie. The payment processing firm co-founded by Kevin Zhang fundamentally services decentralized applications in Canada, leading to broader usage and understanding of crypto assets among the public.

Sprout Fund LP

Sprout Fund LP is an Alberta-backed Micro-VC founded by Kristina Milke. Specializing in investing in early-stage ICT companies, it is leveraging its blend of finance, financial services and venture capital skills to nurture the growth of ICT entrepreneurs.


Established by Marshall Ross, Patrick Onyekweli, and Ryan Allen, ResolvMD is a full-service billing business specializing in medical billing, accounting, and financial solutions, thus easing the operational strain on medical personnel.


Tykera, started by Eric Yeung and Harley Christensen, provides growth capital for amateur sports organizations by using enrollment fees as security. This intersection of finance, fintech, software, and sports opens up new funding avenues for sporting organizations.

The 51 Ventures

The 51 Ventures, initiated by Alice Reimer, Judy Fairburn, and Shelley Kuipers, forms a financial feminist platform. The organization is committed to building mutual wealth and social impact, underscoring the increasing importance of women’s financial power.


NextStep is an educational platform that empowers youth by offering an 8-week program focused on financial education. Their finance-fostering initiative is shaping a new responsible generation well-versed in finance management.

Ammolite Analytx

Last but certainly not least is Ammolite Analytx. Advancing threat intelligence with deep domain expertise in defence, finance, and energy, the startup is developing Quantum AI Cybersecurity solutions, a necessity in maintaining trust and integrity in finance technologies.

These startups are not only reshaping Alberta’s financial scene, but also setting an example for other regions. Harnessing the power of technology, they collectively showcase Alberta’s potential as a thriving startup ecosystem.

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