Who Are Alberta’s Top Trendsetting Consumer Startups in 2023?

In Alberta, the entrepreneurial spirit is soaring to new heights, particularly within the consumer industry. A number of startups are harnessing technology and innovative methods to drive change and reshape the way consumers experience products and services. Ranging from sustainable product makers to software design teams, these Alberta-born companies are making a name for themselves locally and globally. In this article, we are featuring 15 remarkable consumer startups that are making waves in the province.

Whether it’s empowering businesses to measure product sustainability or revolutionizing home maintenance, these bright startups combine entrepreneurial drive with novel ideas. Many of them are leveraging emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and the internet of things (IoT) to create cutting-edge solutions across a range of sectors. These ventures represent the exciting growth potential of Alberta’s thriving startup ecosystem.

Let’s dive in and take a look at these fifteen startups, their operations, and their masterminds behind the success.


Founded by Abdullah Choudhry, Alex Todorovic, and Ben Grande, Arbor eliminates the guesswork out of understanding product sustainability. Using proprietary data and a custom dashboard, the startup helps businesses measure, improve, and showcase their product sustainability. Arbor is making strides in the fields of Analytics, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Consumer Research, Information Technology, Marketing, SaaS, Software, and Sustainability. Visit Arbor’s website Here

Vivid Theory

Vivid Theory is a unique product development firm that works on both physical and digital products. Founded by Brent Lane and Brett Jones, the startup operates within the consumer software, information technology, software, and software engineering industries. To uncover more about Vivid Theory, click Here

Fly and Fetch

Transforming the peer-to-peer shipping landscape, Fly and Fetch is an online marketplace that connects individuals and goods. This intriguing startup is dipping its toes into Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Logistics, and Transportation. For further information, visit their website Here

Home Spritz

Offering home and commercial cleaning services, Home Spritz is redefining cleanliness standards in Consumer, Home and Garden, Home Improvement, Home Services, and Marketplace sectors. Check out their innovative services Here


Founded by Pratik Patel, Mundii is revolutionizing the delivery of farm-fresh foods with their on-demand delivery services. Operates within Consumer Goods, Delivery, E-Commerce, Food and Beverage, and Wholesale. Mundii’s website can be visited Here

FixIt Service Pros

FixIt Service Pros, pioneered by Rob Bartko, and Sam Beaudoin, is a digital tool that simplifies home maintenance. They are making a difference in Consumer and Home Improvement sectors. Explore their unique solutions Here


FÜM, by Braeden Pauls, is enabling more individuals to quit naturally by creating positive habits. The startup operates in the Beauty, Consumer Goods, Fitness, and Wellness sectors. Learn more about their work Here

Hempact Inc.

Nicole Sanchez’s Hempact Inc provides eco-friendly products that both reduce agricultural waste and promote sustainability, specifically in the realm of women’s hygiene. They function in the Consumer Goods and Women’s sectors. Check out their products Here

AI Shading

Co-founded by Zack Zhang, AI Shading develops AI & IoT enabled technologies to reduce the environmental footprint from homes and buildings. They work across a spectrum of sectors including Artificial Intelligence, CleanTech, Environmental Engineering, Green Building, Green Consumer Goods, Internet of Things, Real Estate, Smart Building, Smart Cities, and Smart Home. Details of their work are available Here

Click&Push Accessibility

Click&Push, engineered by Nathanial Maeda, creates wearable devices that enable users to engage with their community without the fear of difficult terrain. This startup specializes in Consumer Goods and Telecommunications. Explore their devices and mission Here

Change Toothpaste

Change Toothpaste, by Damien Vince and Mike Medicoff, is rewriting the rules of oral hygiene with their toothpaste tablets. They specialize in CleanTech, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, and Retail. To learn more, visit their website Here

Big Bored Hunter

Big Bored Hunter provides the best scope mounted cameras with a 50mm optical zoom lens for adventurists. They function within the Consumer and Electronics sectors. More about their solution is found Here


Socialveil, founded by Dario Joseph Verrelli and Jonathan Stiansen, is a visual-centric SaaS platform for managing & scheduling social media content focused on smart design, efficiency, and education. Function in Advertising, Consumer Software, Event Management, SaaS, Social Media Management, Software, and Video sectors. Visit them Here

Bundle of Joy Box

Bundle of Joy Box, founded by Natasha Longridge, delivers a wide range of pregnancy and postpartum items through subscription options. The startup is thriving in the Consumer Goods, Retail, and Shopping sectors. Find out more Here

Plant Plus

Plant Plus provides compostable, eco-friendly, and customizable reusable food and beverage straws, spoons, and utensils. They are revolutionizing the Consumer Goods and Packaging Services sectors. Their work can be viewed Here

These 15 startups offer a snapshot of the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit that is thriving in Alberta. They’re not only creating novel products and services but also paving the way towards a sustainable future.

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