Who are Toronto’s Leading Logistics Startups Transforming Ontario’s Supply Chain?

Toronto, a hotbed of innovation and entrep​reneurship, has seen an influx of startups in the logistics sector in recent years. These companies, making use of cutting-edge technology and digital solutions, are solving complex problems and revolutionizing the world of logistics, e-commerce, and supply chain management. Striving towards creating agile, cost-effective solutions, Toronto-based startups are redefining and streamlining logistic operations, adding value for businesses across the globe.

The city has become a focal point for startups leveraging technology to provide superior services in the areas of delivery, autonomous driving, reverse logistics, warehouse visibility software, and more. The following companies, based out of Toronto, are some examples of the cutting-edge innovation that is putting the city in the limelight as a logistics startup hub.

Below, we take a closer look at 15 distinctive logistics startups headquartered in Toronto, outlining their unique contributions to this pivotal industry.


Providing a B2B marketplace for brands and retailers, Swyft’s same-day delivery service is streamlining the way companies manage their deliveries. Swyft is the brainchild of Aadil Kazmi, Maraz Rahman, and Zeeshan Hamid. By integrating cutting-edge technology in the realm of e-commerce and logistics, Swyft is redefining the delivery process in the commercial sector.


Incorporating multiple functions such as trading, transportation, and utilization of intermodal shipping containers, Boxhub, founded by Maximilian Birner and Philip Skov, is on a mission to revolutionize the logistics industry. Drawing on technology’s vast potential, Boxhub is making strides in e-commerce, industrial internet, logistics, and shipping industries.


Known for its unique service of ebike-as-a-service, Zygg, under the leadership of Kevin McLaughlin, is aiming to make ebikes both simple and affordable for all. By combining facets of consumer service, e-commerce, logistics, and transportation, Zygg is making an notable difference in the logistics space.

NuPort Robotics

With a primary focus on autonomous vehicles, NupPort Robotics, a brainchild of Bao Xin Chen and Raghavender Sahdev, is an autonomous driving company that is making strides in the realm of AI-driven logistics and supply chain management. Their innovative solutions are pushing boundaries and setting new standards in the industry.


Founded by Kelvin Oben, Shipvista.com offers smart shipping solutions. It is making revolutionary changes in the industries of B2B, e-commerce, logistics, shipping, and software. Shipvista’s smart shipping partnership is designed for burgeoning businesses expanding their logistical scope.

FlashBox – Same-day Delivery for Businesses

FlashBox, founded by Mehdi Nayebi and Mehrshad Pezeshk, is the last-mile delivery solution for businesses. Specializing in logistics, same-day delivery and software, FlashBox is carving out new paths in the tech-driven logistics landscape.


Brian Steinhauser and Stephen Southin’s startup, PAVE.AI, empowers individuals with a smartphone to perform guided vehicle inspections by simply taking photos. Pave.AI brings together the realms of artificial intelligence, telecommunication, and logistics to provide innovative and exciting solutions, helping businesses thrive in the digital age.


ReturnBear is revolutionizing the return process with its omnichannel reverse logistics network. Using a streamlined mail-in-return process and drop-off stations, ReturnBear is radically improving the e-commerce and logistics process for businesses.


As a one-stop solution for businesses managing their international shipments, Cargoflip, founded by Dmitri Amariei and Prateek Gaur, is making considerable strides in the logistics and supply chain management industry. Their software solutions are proving beneficial to businesses by facilitating efficient and effective logistic operations.


Ribbit, a creation of Carl Pigeon and Jeremy Wang, enables you to start and operate your own pilotless airline. By leveraging the potency of aerospace, autonomous vehicles, logistics, robotics, and transportation, Ribbit is restructuring the way businesses think about and execute delivery.


Orkestra, founded by Heiner Murmann, is a supply chain and logistics Consulting & Technology company. By harnessing the power of consulting, logistics, software, and supply chain management, Orkestra is providing much-needed innovative, tech-supported solutions to the industry.


Ganesh Krishnan, Matt Ward, and Sdy Pools’ startup, AiHello, offers Amazon Ads Automation services. Their services have been successful in growing revenues, reducing work hours, and decreasing ad costs for businesses, making substantial headway in the logistics, supply chain management, and warehousing industries.


Co-founded by Majdi Alnabih, Jeff Mashregi & Judeh Siwady ZipLunch is solving the challenge of restaurant downtime with an inventive food delivery service. The startup is revolutionizing the food and beverage, restaurant, and logistics sectors with its unique approach to delivery.

Ohanna AI

Ohanna AI provides innovative warehouse visibility software and tracking technology for warehouses and the storage industry. Using the prowess of artificial intelligence, IT, logistics, supply chain management, and warehouse technology, it is introducing a much-needed transparency in the storage sector.

Less Platform

Less Platform, a venture by Vardan Markosyan, is an logistic optimization and management platform. Offering services like enterprise route planning and logistic supply and support, it’s transforming the way industries approach information services, logistics, management consulting, software, and transportation.

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