What Are Toronto’s Top Influential Business Development Startups in 2023?

CanadaVenture.news is no stranger to the booming startup scene in Toronto, Ontario. The city, boasting a thriving tech hub and a robust business support ecosystem, has, in the recent past, become a landing spot for ambitious entrepreneurs. The following piece shines a spotlight on impressive Business Development startups in Toronto that are shaping various industries and driving innovation.

From Venture Capital to Big Data and Information Technology, these startups are leveraging advanced technologies to offer solutions tailored for their respective fields. Beyond their unique services, they are continuously contributing to job creation and pushing the limits on how business is conducted in today’s digital age. We’ve gathered up a list of these startups, with a detailed look at what they do.

Without further ado, here are 15 Business Development startups from Toronto:

NowVertical Group

NowVertical Group is a Vertical Intelligence software and services company with a focus on industry-specific technology and expertise. They operate within an array of sectors including Analytics, Automotive, Big Data, Government, Retail Technology, among others. The founder of the startup is Daren Trousdell.

CIBC Innovation Banking

As a financial partner to entrepreneurs and investors, CIBC Innovation Banking provides banking, finance, and financial services within the business development spectrum.

Pipeline Signals Inc.

Pipeline Signals Inc., founded by Jamie Shanks, combines AI and data analysis to provide Relationship Signal Intelligence Monitoring for account-based sales. They are a pivotal player in the lead generation, lead management, marketing automation sectors, among others


BeltecHub™, spearheaded by founders Allan E., Mario Escoto Damas, and Mario Vasquez, is a tech-driven manufacturing hub for industrial belting, automation & MRO supplies. They operate within the Business Development, Industrial Manufacturing, Machinery Manufacturing, sectors among others.

Framework Venture Partners

Framework Venture Partners, founded by Andrew Lugsdin and Peter Misek, is a data-driven VC firm that merges a scientific approach to investment decisions with a cooperative engagement model.


In partnership with the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, Koru, founded by Bryan Marcovici, has created a groundbreaking venture foundry focused on business development.

Stack Capital

Stack Capital, founded by Brian Viveiros, Jason Meiers, and Jeff Parks, offers sustainable growth opportunities to innovative early and late-stage companies. They are active in the finance and venture capital industry.


StartupFuel, founded by Ashley Martis, is a Big Data & AI firm that provides services for startup founders and venture capital funds, among other offerings.

The Sales Factory

As an outsourced B2B business development solution provider, The Sales Factory was founded by Eric Doucet and Paul Griffin within the Consulting Industry.


RIVVI, founded by Arshad Merali, enables businesses to automate their payroll processes and pay their employees at a faster rate. They operate within the sectors of Financial Services, FinTech, Office Administration, among others.


BrainStormers, founded by Roger Grekos, offers strategic consultation, VC, and startup development in the sectors of Consulting, Legal, Professional Services, and others.


MakeAMom’s mission is to provide a home artificial insemination kit aiming towards speedy conception.

Microdose Psychedelic Insights

Microdose is an advertising firm focusing on providing content, financial analysis, engaging events, and guidance to the business of psychedelics.

Third Eye Insights

An agency that combines marketing techniques with strategic consulting, Third Eye Insights offers broad services in design, marketing research, UX Design, and others.

Open Industry

Lastly, Open Industry operates as an online marketplace that connects industry experts with premier organizations with the aim of accelerating innovation and thought leadership.

These startups are not just changing the landscape of Business Development but are placing Toronto, Ontario on the global stage as a city that fosters innovation and supports entrepreneurship.

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