Which Canadian Startups are Revolutionizing Productivity Tools in 2023?

Canada has long established itself as a leading tech hub, and a significant part of that success can be attributed to its thriving startup scene. An intriguing area of technological advancement is productivity tools. These platforms and software systems are revolutionizing how businesses operate, significantly impacting efficiency, organization, and convenience. This piece will showcase an array of fascinating Canadian startups developing innovative productivity tools, from software suites specifically designed for online entrepreneurs to state-of-the-art meeting management software and beyond.

With the ongoing digital transition in the global market, productivity tools have become an integral part of business operations. They aid in enhancing operational efficiency, reducing unnecessary workload, automating routine tasks, and providing detailed analytics. Whether it’s a small enterprise or a large corporation, these tools are significantly influencing the way businesses function.

Canada is a powerhouse of such technological innovation, with various startups developing state-of-the-art productivity tools. Let’s delve into 15 Canadian startups that are making a significant impact in this domain:


Carbon6 offers a software suite dedicated to helping online entrepreneurs streamline their everyday operations, thus enhancing their profitability. Founded by Beau Crabill, Justin Cobb, and Kazi Ahmed, this platform is significantly transforming the e-commerce sector.

Traction Complete

Traction Complete provides a suite of Salesforce apps designed for Revenue Operations professionals. Greg Malpass founded this startup, contributing greatly to the B2B, CRM, and software industries.


Fellow.app is a highly-rated meeting management software designed for managers and their teams. This application was developed by Amin Mirzaee, Aydin Mirzaee, and Samuel Cormier-Iijima, enhancing collaboration and meeting management significantly.


Founded by Brandon Waselnuk, Karl Clement, and Saumil Patel, Codex is a development tool focusing on just in time documentation for deep collaboration. The startup is revolutionizing the IT and software sectors.

Charli AI

Charli AI, founded by Kevin Collins, leverages artificial intelligence to delegate mundane tasks, creating seamless work flows. The platform has made significant contributions to the AI, SaaS, and software engineering sectors.


Mayday offers a calendar assistant designed to help users sustainably increase productivity while mitigating burnout. Brian Faber and Jeremy Bell are the driving forces behind this impactful productivity tool.


Founded by Tobyn Sowden, Shift centralizes apps, accounts, and workflows in one desktop workstation, optimizing focus and efficiency for businesses worldwide.


TRIYO captures enterprise communication activities to yield insightful data. Founders Puneet Malhotra and Rajiv Chatterjee’s platform is facilitating more productive communication in businesses.


Imad Boumahdi founded PayTic, a SaaS system that helps card issuers and fintech companies reduce risk and maintain compliance by digitalizing back-office functions.


Scispot.io, founded by Guru Singh and Satya Singh, serves biotech and life science SMEs with a no code, fully configurable digital operating platform.


Founders Aki Tomita and Harsh Rathod of Niricson are pioneering a digital revolution in infrastructure condition assessment and risk management with their ground-breaking productivity tool.


imMail enables effective workplace collaboration with its chat and video features for companies. Founders Leonardo Valença and Rafael Menezes, are behind this innovative tool.


KnowHow is a software tool that helps blue-collar companies save time, reduce errors, and increase profitability. Founders Leighton Healey and Travis Parker Martin are at the helm of this remarkable project.


Ivy, founded by Evan Cloutier and Tucker Schreiber, offers a stress-free solution to increase productivity and promote workplace wellbeing.


Corfix, founded by Shawn Watts, aids construction companies in streamlining jobsite paperwork with existing technology, a significant leap for the construction industry.

Canada’s productivity tools sector showcases the nation’s innovative knack for developing technological solutions that boost efficiency and interactive communication. These forward-thinking startups are revolutionizing the way businesses operate, offering a glimpse of the future of work.

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