What are Canada’s Top Product Research Startups Transforming Industries?

Canada is home to a dynamic and diverse startup ecosystem, particularly in the field of product research. Startups from various industries, ranging from biotechnology and healthcare to AI and EdTech, are conducting groundbreaking research, aimed at transforming our lives and pushing the boundaries of innovation. Here are 15 impressive Canadian Product Research startups that are making a name for themselves in their respective industries.

Despite varying in target market and application, these startups all have one thing in common: a commitment to excellence, innovation, and making a positive impact. Whether through the development of high-yield hemp strains or the extraction expertise of controlled biopharmaceuticals, these startups represent Canada’s promising future in product research and development.

This article aims to highlight these Canadian organizations, providing an overview of their values, fields of research, and significant contributions. Through their tireless work, these startups are placing Canada on the innovation map and fostering national tech growth.

Alpha9 Theranostics

Alpha9 Theranostics is a biopharmaceutical company committed to radiotherapeutics for treating both solid and hematologic malignancies. Co-founded by David Perrin, this startup operates within the biotechnology, medical, and product research sectors.

SynerGenetics Bioscience

Plant genetics research and development company SynerGenetics Bioscience was founded by Johnson Ping Zhang. It is focused on creating high-yield CBD hemp strains/seeds, bridging the gap between biotechnology, genetics, and product research.

UnBound Chemicals

UnBound Chemicals, founded by Blaine Edwards and Hitesh Vaidya, is striving to become a global leader in pharmaceutical ingredient recovery. They target several industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, product research, recycling, and waste management.

Embrace Health Innovations

Embrace Health Innovations, founded by Arlene Lusterio, specializes in health tech, along with self-esteem research and development. This unique startup also explores personal and social wellness.

Divergence Neuro

Working in neurotech, SaaS, ML, AI, EEG healthcare, mental health, and neural health, Divergence Neuro was founded by Alex Ni. This startup uniquely combines AI and neuroscience to shape the future.


Co-founders Aaron Veale and Vedran Budimcic founded Blossom as a user research platform designed to be built on. It is a remarkable addition to the product research industry.


Canadian startup Polyform offers educational services, including in the fields of product design and research, training, and UX design, making it an exciting addition to the EdTech scene.


EHVA aims to transform integrated photonics R&D and production by providing automation solutions and test services.


Theraphage is a biotech health care startup specializing in the design and development of bacteriophage-based immunotherapeutics for various infectious diseases.

Delic Labs, formerly Complex Biotech Discovery Ventures

Moving forward in the fields of bioinformatics, biotechnology, and product research is Delic Labs, formerly Complex Biotech Discovery Ventures. Co-founded by Glenn Sammis and Markus Roggen, the company pioneers chemical research and extraction expertise of controlled biopharmaceuticals.


XpertVR, a startup founded by Drew MacNeil and Evan Sitler, has positioned itself as a go-to Saas portal for consumer behavior and academic researchers. With potential applications in AR, IT, market research and beyond, it bridges the gap between reality and virtual world for researchers.

Global Wine Database

Co-founders David Gluzman and Matthew Protti developed Global Wine Database to provide reliable, accurate wine information. In doing so, they’ve made a name for themselves in the food and beverage industry, as well as product research field.

Unisights Research and Analytics

Founded by Smita DS, Unisights Research and Analytics is an end-to-end insights company. Deploying analytics, big data, business intelligence and predictive analytics, it is dedicated to extracting valuable market insights from data.

Keyword Plus

Hashim Khawaja is the founder of Keyword Plus, a SEO tool IOS app. The app, which simplifies keyword research, has left a significant mark on the advertising, market research, and product research industries.

Tika Therapeutics

Tika Therapeutics is a biotechnology startup specializing in the research and development of solutions for serious diseases in oncology, infectious diseases, and wound healing.

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