Who Are Canada’s Top Influential Sharing Economy Startups in 2023?

As we continue to embrace alternative methods of consuming goods and services, ‘sharing economy’ startups are increasingly important. Sharing economy business models emphasize collaboration and community, often leveraging technology to connect individuals who have what another needs. This disruptive trend is playing a significant part in transforming traditional industries in Canada and beyond. Today, we are going to showcase some exceptional sharing economy startups from Canada, demonstrating the diversity and ingenuity present within this sector.


Founded by Zachary Laberge, Frenter is a platform designed to power the rental industry. This startup operates within the B2B, SaaS, and sharing economy sectors. Frenter’s service helps businesses manage their rental activity effectively and efficiently, addressing a significant market gap.


Created by Donald Cheung, CookOut combines food delivery, information technology, the marketplace, and sharing economy components into one platform. This inventive startup delivers homemade food from creators to consumers, integrating the process with a social media element.


Roll, founded by Arda Erturk and Richard Cao, offers smart mobility solutions. Known foremost for its dock-less electric scooter and bike sharing services, Roll focuses on making cities and campuses more sustainable and convenient transportation-wise.

Sherwa Online Services

Founded by Andre P. Gross, Luiz Persechini, and Pedro Vasconcellos, Sherwa is a platform that seeks to connect gamers into a friendly community. Sherwa promises easier ways to find friends to play with and get help with gaming.


Reza Taleb started Djobzy.com as a global platform for services and gig economy jobs. It combines elements of social media, creating an ‘encyclopedia’ of tasks and gigs for customers to explore and utilize.


CHIRP is an intuitive private aviation platform that simplifies charter sales management. The platform was started by founders Charan Kumar Bommireddipalli and Tim Ray to aid companies in managing and growing their private charter sales.


Introducing the future of mobile charging stations, KILOWATTPACK also pioneers in the realm of electric car sharing. This startup brings together automotive and clean energy to make electric vehicle usage more accessible.


Naborino connects consumers with group buying offers from local businesses. Dan Flatt, the founder, developed this community group buying platform to strengthen communal ties while providing economical benefits.

SensoDrive Technology

SensoDrive Technology is a GreenTech IoT startup, founded by Sasan Pasha. It connects underutilized building amenities like parking and EV charging to users through a smartphone app.


Syzl, pioneered by founders Adrian Savin and Azrah Manji-Savin, offers certified kitchens on demand, conveniently connecting culinary creators with suitable spaces to work in.

Flight Club

Consider Flight Club as the Airbnb for aviation. Founder Ehsan Monfared has simplified the transaction process for aircraft owners and local pilots, offering a unique solution within the sharing economy.


Keter is a technology research and development firm focusing on token engineering and blockchain economics. This startup, founded by Alberto Cevallos, bridges the gap between crypto markets and the sharing economy.


Founded by Jennifer Schell, Finliti helps retail investors develop effective trading and investment strategies. By making investing more accessible, Finliti fosters financial inclusion.


LUQL, founded by Danny Eng and Tim Pham, is a platform where locals guide and create experiences for adventure seekers. This concept broadens the notion of travel by giving ordinary people the power to share their local knowledge.

Rapid Stor

Founder Ruslan Ashikbayev’s Rapid Stor, is a peer-to-peer Canadian platform for sharing storage and parking spaces. This startup provides a much-needed solution for people seeking affordable and convenient spaces.

This range of innovative startups illustrates the creative ways in which the sharing economy is redefining how we think about goods, services, and value. Whether through sharing rides, kitchen spaces or even gaming activities, these platforms are fostering a sense of community and sustainability while disrupting traditional business landscapes. The future of the sharing economy in Canada is strong, and the potential for growth is vast.

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