Which are Edmonton’s Most Influential Consulting Startups Transforming Industries in 2023?

In the burgeoning city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, an entrepreneurial spirit is rapidly on the rise. A new generation of startups are leveraging technology, creativity, and professional expertise to change the dynamics of various industries, particularly in consulting. From marketing mavens to eco-conscious innovators, this article aims to shed light on a selection of consulting startups that are rewriting the business blueprint in their own unique ways.

The startups featured represent an expansive cross-section of industries, united by their commitment to providing consulting services that are poised to revolutionize conventional wisdom. Their innovations touch upon sectors as varied as Marketing, Information Technology, Environmental Sciences, and eSports, among others, proving that diversity is truly the game-changer in today’s business arena. Here is a closer look at these startups setting a new standard in their respective domains.

Edmonton’s business landscape is teeming with potential and these startups are a testament to the city’s dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem. By fostering innovation, they contribute to job creation, economic growth, and sharpening Edmonton’s competitive edge on the international stage. Dive in and discover the stories of these startups that are shaping the future of consultancy in Edmonton.

Dingus and Zazzy

As your new favourite marketing department, Dingus and Zazzy offers a comprehensive range of services spanning marketing, social media, and even web design. Co-founded by Jonathan Sturgeon, this startup aims to encompass all elements of digital marketing, offering a streamlined solution to clients’ promotional needs.

CityScan Technologies Inc.

Focused on providing innovative solutions to the transportation industry, CityScan Technologies Inc. stands as a symbol of accessible innovation. Co-founders Mustafa Gül and Qipei Mei are actively taking consulting, Information Technology, and professional services to new dimensions, maximizing efficiency, and driving sustainable growth.

Environmental Material Science

With a mission to solve contamination and environmental management challenges, Environmental Material Science offers innovative solutions rooted in sustainability. This startup is a formidable player in the fields of Environmental Consulting, Recycling, and Waste Management.

Alberta Esports Association

The Alberta Esports Association is not merely about playing games. The non-profit organization is connecting local gaming communities like never before, showcasing how the eSports industry can drive social development and business growth.

Voltarix Group

Voltarix Group is pioneering a renewable energy revolution through consulting, construction, operation, and maintenance services. Their commitment to sustainable energy solutions amplifies their competitive edge, benefitting both their clients and the environment.

Agriolabs Technologies

Committed to revolutionizing home-grown food solutions, Agriolabs offers innovative technologies that make growing your own food easier and more sustainable. Founded by Jonathan Mui, Agriolabs has made significant strides in the field of Environmental Consulting and Organic Food.


A startup by Ashley and Dana Janssen, Tadum is a SaaS web app designed to help teams stay organized and accountable through shared meeting agendas. This innovative collaboration and project management tool demonstrates that an organized approach makes for more efficient teams.

Health City

Health City is all about catalyzing and accelerating innovations in the healthcare sector. This non-profit organization is an example of how consulting can create far-reaching impacts on important sectors such as healthcare and life sciences.


With software development at its core, Nisto provides a mix of consulting and business development services to help businesses grow. Founded by Ron Hitchens, this company is reshaping business performance through effective measurement, communication, and social impact growth strategies.

Roadmap Agency Inc.

As a powerful team consisting of developers, designers, marketing specialists, and business strategists, Roadmap Agency Inc provides comprehensive growth solutions. Founders Julie Serediuk, Steve Whittington, Shannon Hewlko, and Shayne Serediuk are leveraging their combined expertise to help businesses achieve their target outcomes.

1527 Strategies

1527 Strategies, with its empathetic understanding of small business owners’ challenges, is delivering tailored consulting solutions that help businesses overcome everyday hurdles.


Is your dream job just a swipe away? With Gigify, co-founded by Eik Halldorsdottir, it very well might be. This startup is revolutionizing job search and recruitment processes, illustrating the role of technology in modern consulting.

U Event Pro

Empowering businesses with creative virtual event ideas and blueprints, U Event Pro is making event management a breeze in the digital era.

Homestyle Selections

By offering consulting services in international supply chains, logistics, and food and agribusiness sectors, Homestyle Selections is shaping commercial strategies in these critical sectors.


Offering innovative visitor and employee sign-in software systems for corporate front lobbies and reception areas, VisitorBay exemplifies how modern consulting can streamline and simplify critical business operations.

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