Who Are Edmonton’s Most Influential Marketing Startups Shaping 2023?

Welcome to another exciting edition of Canadian Venture. With the increasing shift to digital platforms, marketing has become a significant game-changer in the business world. It’s even more fascinating to see small startups disrupting the industry through innovative digital solutions. This article shines the spotlight on the city of Edmonton, Alberta, focusing on 15 unique marketing startups based in that region. These companies are not only enhancing the industry with their remarkable services, but also contributing to the emergence of Edmonton as a hotbed of entrepreneurial activity.

Whether you’re an investor looking for potential brands to support, an entrepreneur seeking inspiration or a marketer keen on the latest trends, these startups are worth checking out. You’ll discover how these businesses are revolutionizing areas such as social media marketing, digital publishing, software development, and web design. As we delve into the addons they bring to the marketing industry, you’ll also get to know the brains behind these ventures.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the exciting world of these commendable startups, their unique selling points and their founders. Here goes the showcase of the rising stars from Edmonton, Alberta, that are making impressive strides in the marketing sector.

Dingus and Zazzy

Dingus and Zazzy is a versatile marketing firm offering a broad spectrum of services ranging from advertising and content marketing to web design. Jonathan Sturgeon, one of the stalwarts of the industry, founded the firm with the aim to morph marketing approaches into compelling brand experiences.

AMG Brands Network Inc.

In the digital publishing and advertising space, AMG Brands Network Inc. has carved a niche for themselves. Guided by the genius minds of Anwar Abdi and Melissa Dimon, the firm strongly believes in the power of digital content as an educational tool.

Browse AI

Blending artificial intelligence with marketing automation, Browse AI offers a high-tech solution for managing web interactions. The brainchild of Ardalan Naghshineh, it specializes in web automation software that records actions and runs them on the cloud.

Parilon Digital

Parilon Digital is a forefront runner in digital marketing specialized in search engine marketing and social media advertising. Armed with a team of savvy marketers, this company leverages digital strategies to impact business growth.


TIER6 SOLUTIONS is a proficient player in the marketing industry. Their comprehensive services encompass data management, vendor auditing, and retail marketing, ensuring their clients get optimal returns on their investments.

Roadmap Agency Inc.

Co-founders Julie Serediuk, Shannon Hewlko, Steve Whittington, and Shayne Serediuk have placed Roadmap Agency Inc. on the map as a reliable marketing firm. From web development and marketing to branding and consulting, Roadmap Agency Inc. maintains a results-driven approach.

Keyword Plus

Keyword Plus developed by Hashim Khawaja is a handy SEO tool that simplifies keyword research. Available as an IOS app, it’s becoming a go-to tool for digital marketers and SEO specialists across the globe.

Fanastar Inc.

Making strides in social media marketing, Fanastar Inc. offers an intuitive application that helps businesses create and leverage a robust fan base through social media platforms.

Bullseye Digital Marketing

Bullseye Digital Marketing is a trusted agency providing a wide range of online marketing and advertising services. Their innovative strategies help businesses reach their target audiences more effectively.

25th hour Media

25th hour Media is a creative agency that goes above and beyond to provide marketing solutions. Their work revolves around innovative advertising campaigns and remarkable media content that motivates user engagement.


Co-founded by Damian Yeboah and Michael Mione, TORRO Group is a digital marketing firm that also offers advanced M&A solutions to digitally native businesses through innovative modern methods.

Crowe IT

Crowe IT has made a name for itself through its creative digital experiences that help businesses connect with their consumers more effectively. From digital marketing to website design, Crowe IT ensures a seamless online experience for its clients.


For businesses looking for distinctive web design, Ehmulation should be their go-to agency. Specializing in graphic design and web development, Ehmulation designs digital landscapes that amplify their clients’ brand messages.

Atomic Digital Studio

Co-founded by Byron Hill, Atomic Digital Studio ensures a smooth digital journey for its users. As a creative agency, it develops and manages user-friendly applications and marketing websites that keep their clients’ customers fully engaged.

Rednosal PLUS

Rednosal PLUS offers an array of services including web design, local SEO, and promotional products. Their client-centered approach ensures businesses are accurately represented in the digital landscape.

In closing, these startups showcase the dynamic nature of Edmonton’s entrepreneurial landscape and its significant contribution to global digital marketing trends. The diversity of their offerings also illustrates that there is no “one-size-fits-all” strategy in marketing – a lesson every business should take to heart. Stay updated with Canadian Venture as we continue to highlight more stories of Canada’s venture scene!

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