What Are Ontario’s Most Influential Management Consulting Startups in 2023?

In the heart of North America, Ontario, Canada, a wealth of Management Consulting startups is making waves in the business world. Breathing life into everything from ingenious new supplier management systems to innovative strategy firms that link diversity and social change, these startup companies are reshaping the landscape of business consulting. While they may not all share the same industry, they all have one common characteristic: a desire to change the dynamic of management consulting.

Just as valuable as the inventive services they provide, the minds behind these startups bring a breadth of experience. With founders ranging from seasoned business consultants to emergent entrepreneurs launching their first venture, they represent the best and brightest of Canada’s start-up landscape. Keep on reading to delve into the details of the 15 most interesting Management Consulting startups in Ontario, Canada.

These startups were selected not only for their innovative strategies and unique propositions but also for their potential to bring significant change to their respective industries. From enterprise software, FinTech, supply chain management, and risk management to logistics, information services, and inclusive strategies for social change, these startups showcase the breadth of the Canadian entrepreneurial spirit. So, let’s jump right in and meet these trailblazers.

Indie Tech

Founded by Sophia G. Contreras Stone, Indie Tech is sparked to life an innovative new supplier management system. Their dedication extends beyond just improving supply chain management; they are combining FinTech with Enterprise Software, Risk Management, and Consulting to provide an all-inclusive marketplace for suppliers.

El Arras & Partners

Under the leadership of Anas El Arras, El Arras & Partners is a strategy and management consulting firm. With experts located worldwide, they bring a unique value proposition to solve complex business challenges.

Less Platform

Focused on logistics, Less Platform, a startup by Vardan Markosyan, optimizes transportation and enterprise route planning and provides logistics supply management solutions. Their innovative services point to an Information Technology and Software sector future where logistic management is seamlessly optimized.


Founded by Alexandra Kapelos-Peters, Cansulta has established itself as a dynamic e-consulting platform. This startup exemplifies how Management Consulting can be digitalized to adapt to the internet age.

Tidal Equality

As a nameless collective, Tidal Equality operates as a tech-enabled strategy firm. They work at the thrilling intersection of diversity, inclusion, and social change – breathing fresh air into the Management Consulting industry.

Ethereum Capital

Ethereum Capital blends Information Technology with Management Consulting. They offer shareholders the opportunity to invest in the revolutionary technology platform – Ethereum Blockchain.

AKP Solutions Inc.

Another venture by Alexandra Kapelos-Peters, AKP Solutions Inc. concentrates on reshaping the realm of Management Consulting, offering integrated business solutions for the digital era.

Solv Advisors

Aspiring to assist Startups and Small scale businesses, Solv Advisors provides robust consulting services. They offer digital marketing assistance and help businesses to scale up efficiently.

Goya & Associates Ltd.

Led by Emilio Goya, Goya & Associates Ltd. offers unique organizational consultancy. Their services mark a step towards a world where management consultation enhances business potential.

Prosh Marketing

Steered by Roshni Wijayasinha, Prosh Marketing provides Marketing Consulting for CEOs, Founders & Startups. They offer an extensive range of services, all backed by their expertise in Management Consulting and Marketing Strategy.


With founder Roshan Shah at the helm, Cogdina is a Software Services Company. They provide an array of services, including Business Intelligence, Data Integration, Data Visualization, Database Management, Mobile App development, and Consulting.

Alcor Wealth

Alcor Wealth presents a platform that uses business strategies to embrace industrial innovation. Their supply chain management service makes them stand out in the consulting industry.

Avesbury Consulting

Avesbury Consulting, founded by Zariah Walker, provides business development, digital marketing, and social media management services. They take pride in their management and business consulting solutions.

Happy Hippo Holdings

Esteemed by its founder Evan Price, Happy Hippo Holdings is a creative consulting firm. They collaborate with businesses and individuals across the globe to provide strategic development solutions.


Directed by Mark Raheja, Plural is perfect for visionary leaders seeking change. They aim to transform how the world is organized, led, and worked.

These 15 startups illuminate the breadth and depth of Management Consulting in Ontario, Canada. Leveraging the latest technologies, they provide excellent services and strategies, preparing businesses for the future.

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