Which Ontario Electronics Startups are Reinventing Canada’s Tech Landscape in 2023?

The Canadian business landscape has been experiencing a tech renaissance in recent years. The province of Ontario, in particular, is no exception, being home to innovative startups that are disrupting their respective industries. In this feature, we will be exploring fifteen remarkable electronics startups originating from Ontario that are showing potential to revolutionize the market.

These startups are not only making strides in the ever-evolving world of electronics but are also pioneers in their fields, working with technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and many more. Their industries of influence range from healthcare to automotive and from energy solutions to recycling. These are technology companies designed for the future.

Not only are these ventures demonstrating the creativity and resourcefulness found in Canadian enterprises, they are also contributing significantly to the country’s growth in advanced technologies. Let us delve into these fifteen startups, their offerings, and the team that brought these innovative ideas to life.


Functionland is an ambitious electronics startup co-founded by Aaron Maines, Arman Shirani, and Ehsan Shariati. Operating in the blockchain, cloud computing, consumer electronics, and software sectors, Functionland is aiming to revolutionize cloud storage by disrupting central monopolies.


With the aim of modernizing the medicine cabinet and creating an engaging data platform, KEEP Labs is spearheaded by founders Ben Gliksman, Jeff Wandzura and Philip Wilkins. The company operates within the consumer electronics and healthcare sectors.

Car Scanner

Car Scanner, a pioneer in the automotive and electronics sectors, uses autonomous robots to enforce parking rules and document car damage. The company, co-founded by Michał Laska, offers innovative technology solutions for the automotive industry.

Lemurian Labs

Developing high-performance programmable hardware accelerators for edge AI and robotics workloads, Lemurian Labs operates across numerous sectors including ASIC, AI, Electronics, Machine Learning, Robotics, and Semiconductor. The company was started by founders Jay Dawani and Vassil Dimitrov.

Piera Systems

Co-founded by Aaron Soh, Piera Systems has made significant strides in the electronics, greentech, internet of things, and sensor markets, by providing solutions for Particulate Matter Sensors and Air Quality Monitoring.


Listed in the AI, computer vision, electronics, and security sectors, Matdun has been making a name in the world of consumer electronics. The company was founded by entrepreneurs Hitesh Dundi and Suresh Matha.

Brink Bionics

Operating in various sectors such as AI, Consumer Electronics, Education, Electronics, Health Care, and Machine Learning, Brink Bionics integrates machine learning and develops bionic arms. The venture was launched by Erik Lloyd, Jiayuan He, and Ning Jiang.

Kiri Innovation

Kiri Innovation, a player in the computer, electronics, and manufacturing sectors, is a firm that concentrates on 3D scanning reconstruction technology.


In the AI, electronics, hardware, and software markets, PulSenics provides real-time electrochemical system monitoring and control solutions. The startup was co-founded by Essam Elsahwi and Mariam Awara.

Nebula Labs

Nebula Labs, co-founded by Aurora Torrijos and Dana El-Shahry, is developing systems to harvest fog and provide clean drinking water. The startup operates in the electronics, food and beverage, and healthcare sectors.


Offering solutions in consumer electronics, e-commerce, personal health, and software sectors, Cubert is a consumer technology and product development company. The team behind this pioneering innovation includes founders Jeffrey Lee and Marius Rønnov.


OtO Lawn, co-founded by Ali Sabti, specializes in smart devices, IoT, lawn care, product design, robotics, and consumer electronics for the garden and lawn care industries.

Quantum Lifecycle Partners

Quantum Lifecycle Partners provides reuse, data solutions, electronics recycling, trading, and ITAD services, making a substantial impact in the sectors of electronics, recycling, and waste management.


Cybeart, a startup in the consumer electronics, consumer goods, manufacturing, and retail sectors, is a manufacturer of gaming chairs and gaming peripherals. Leading the way in this field is founder Krutik Patel.

These dynamic Ontario-based startups are pushing the boundaries of innovation in the world of electronics, living proof of Canada’s vibrant entrepreneurial landscape.

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