Who Are Today’s Top Influential Ontario Digital Media Startups?

Ontario, Canada is experiencing its own digital media revolution. As a pillar of the Canadian technology industry, Ontario is home to numerous, exciting startups that are reshaping the digital media landscape. From advertising technology to virtual reality entertainment, these digitally-driven businesses are making waves in the industry and offering unique services. Below, we explore some of these innovative startups that are turning heads and redefining how we view and use digital media.

Each startup is unique, boasting its distinct purposes, services, and products. However, the common thread that links them all is their strong emphasis on digital media and the ways in which it can be leveraged to influence industries and the consumer market. The extensive range of platforms and applications developed by these startups is a consistent reminder of how much potential there is in the digital realm – and how these driven teams from Ontario are seizing these opportunities head-on.

Whether it’s through performance advertising, file transfer services, experiential commerce, or digital marketing solutions, these start-ups are paving the way for groundbreaking advancements in their respective fields. Their innovative solutions show how the digital media industry in Ontario is continually growing and pushing boundaries. Let’s take a closer look at these startups and their contributions to the digital media ecosystem.

Boostyd Interactive

Boostyd Interactive is empowering businesses to achieve accelerated growth through AI-powered performance advertising solutions and revenue-driven marketing campaigns. Operating in the digital marketing and lead generation sector, this ad network uses cutting-edge platforms and mobile advertising strategies to help its clients thrive.

Draft Canada

Co-founded by Adriano Silva, Draft Canada is a bright spark in the digital media industry. Keeping their operations simple yet effective, they concentrate on delivering high-quality digital media products and services.


MASV, founded by Greg Wood and Majed Alhajry, is a provider of file transfer services for massive files, with no size limits. Transferring vast files within sectors like digital media and software, their usage pricing is impressively only $0.25/GB.


ImmutaBullx is at the forefront of the blockchain and cryptocurrency news sector within the digital media industry. They provide critical updates on NFTs and blockchain gaming developments.

Clue Digital

Clue Digital, founded by Gleb Maor, is an advertising technology and marketing company focusing on data visualization. They help companies set clear targets and achieve them with their forward-thinking advertising strategies.


SALT XC operates on the philosophy of Experiential Commerce within the digital media and advertising industries. They use this innovative strategy to help businesses achieve their objectives.


ENDLESS is a professional North American e-sports organization deeply entrenched in digital media, lifestyle, and social media, specializing in gaming content, lifestyle, and apparel.


Snibble, founded by Andrew Shortt, is a social video application that enables users to watch, converse, and share in real-time on a single platform. It serves as a revolutionary blend of digital entertainment and social media.


Readocracy, under the helm of Mario Vasilescu, provides a verification technology that pinpoints attention to online content. This system could revolutionize the way marketers and content creators understand their audience.

Epitaph Group

Epitaph Group, led by Mike Rumble, offers digital media solutions, marketing planning, and business growth consulting services. They aim to help businesses navigate through marketing obstacles and to boost growth.

The 2045 Collective

The 2045 Collective, co-founded by Gautham Maediratta and Usha Samuel, provides digital media marketing services. Their automated marketing solutions make marketing more efficient, effective, and scalable.

Cannabis Wiki

Cannabis Wiki concentrates on utilizing media, technology, and international content marketing to deliver updates and news about the cannabis industry.

Wicked Angels

Wicked Angels takes a bold approach in the digital media landscape with their fine art creative media design studio, specializing in explicit art media designs.


BriefBid, founded by Lidia Vijga, is a media planning software that focuses on making advertising outside of Facebook and Google accessible. Its tools transform how businesses approach marketing.

Noyoko Production

Noyoko Production, founded by William Rovira, is a virtual live entertainment company. It combines the arts with technologies like animation and virtual reality to create rich, immersive experiences.

These startups from Ontario reveal the breadth and depth of creative thinking, technical capabilities, and innovative solutions that are emerging within the digital media landscape. Their contribution is not just in creating new products, but also pushing boundaries, inspiring others, and setting new standards of what is possible in this fast-paced, ever-evolving sector.

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