Who Are Alberta’s Most Influential Oil and Gas Startups in 2023?

In an era of advancing technology and climate concern, Alberta’s oil and gas sector is seeing a wave of innovation from homegrown startups. These companies are leveraging cutting-edge tech and alternative energy resources to mitigate environmental impact, improve efficiency, and drive new economic opportunities. From remote power generation to oil recovery, the oil and gas industry’s vitality is fueled by the spark of entrepreneurship and technological breakthroughs.

Let’s dive into 15 remarkable startups, all based in Alberta, making substantial strides in the Oil and Gas industry. They are pushing the boundaries and introducing new efficiencies to traditional industries and processes, demonstrating that sustainability and industry can coexist and thrive.

Whether it’s creating new ways to generate energy or creating cleaner processes for existing methods, these startups are leading the change in the oil and gas industry.

Westgen Technologies

Westgen Technologies is working to reshape the energy landscape with their remote power generation solutions. The company focuses on reducing development costs while improving environmental sustainability. Westgen effectively merges tech and sustainability in the energy, natural resources, oil and gas, and renewable energy industries.


With its robust R&D department, EnviCore is developing technologies to improve natural resource extraction sustainability. From sustainability in the mining and oil and gas industries to waste management and water purification, EnviCore is a significant player shaping the future of resource management.

Pipestone Energy

Pipestone Energy Corp brings a fresh approach to the oil & gas exploration & production scene. Their focus is on the exploration of condensate-rich Montney assets, symbolizing a dynamic shift in oil and gas exploration methods.

Kathairos Solutions

Kathairos Solutions broadens the cleantech industry’s horizon by developing solutions to combat a warming planet, thereby making a significant ecological contribution while also opening up new possibilities for oil and gas resources.

Quattro Energy

With its primary aim to build a portfolio of oil and gas-producing assets, Quattro Energy establishes itself as a key player in enhancing the sustainability of the oil and gas domain.

Avatar Innovations

Avatar Innovations provides business solutions for energy transition, offering entrepreneurs in the energy, oil, and gas sectors innovative methods to adapt to change and increase efficiency.

Coelacanth Energy

As a Montney-focused oil and natural gas exploration and development firm, Coelacanth Energy brings a fresh perspective to resource exploration, creating new potential for the energy industry of western Canada.

B-32 Exploration

As a Calgary-based private firm, B-32 Exploration is advancing scalable light oil growth in Duvernay, illustrating unique approaches to oil extraction and management.


With a focus on enhanced oil recovery and CO2 storage efficiency, Cnergreen employs resilient nanoparticle-based foam technology to redefine the possibilities in energy efficiency and oil and gas recovery.

Kaliber Chemicals

As a distributor of chemicals to various sectors, Kaliber Chemicals is finding new ways to make the petroleum, industrial, commercial, institutional, and agriculture sectors greener and more efficient.


CanaGas is revolutionizing the natural gas industry by liquefying natural gas without costly cryogenics or stripping of the gas, bringing unprecedented innovation to the energy sector.

Mcdaniel & Associates

Mcdaniel & Associates as a consulting firm, is driving a new wave of innovation and strategic analysis in the oil and gas industry.


TradesLink is an online community for the trades, providing a unique platform for job seekers in the construction, human resources, information technology, oil and gas, and social network industries to connect with potential employers.

Saga Wisdom

SAGA Wisdom engages the energy industry in novel ways by providing master class online training for the field. By coupling education with energy, oil and gas, software, and training, Saga Wisdom expands the energy industry’s knowledge base and potential.

Industrial Climate Solutions

Industrial Climate Solutions works relentlessly to extinguish greenhouse gas emissions by developing and commercializing industrial process technologies. This initiative in the manufacturing and oil and gas industry helps reduce environmental impacts.


These Alberta-based startups illustrate the expansive potential of oil and gas in Canada, envisaging a path towards a sustainable and efficient future. Fueled by innovative minds, the energy industry in Alberta is not just surviving—it’s thriving.

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