Who Are Alberta’s Most Influential Machine Learning Startups in 2023?

The technological landscape of Alberta is continuously transforming thanks to a variety of innovative startups driving change. Notably, the field of Machine Learning is creating new opportunities and disrupting industries worldwide, and Alberta is no exception. Endowed with a dynamic startup ecosystem, the province is home to several groundbreaking Machine Learning startups, pushing boundaries in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, healthcare, real estate, and more. Let’s take a look at 15 of the most interesting Machine Learning startups hailing from Alberta.


First, we have AltaML. Launched by founders Cory Janssen and Nicole Janssen, the startup delivers technical and strategic expertise to build transformative AI applications. AltaML’s decision-making algorithms perform tasks intelligently, impacting a range of sectors such as enterprise software, intelligent systems, machine learning, and more.

Qube Technologies

Focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Qube Technologies is a GreenTech startup founded by Alex MacGregor. Their IoT device uses AI to detect and lower greenhouse gas emissions at oil and gas facilities.


On a mission to provide businesses with the earliest possible signals of upcoming government contract opportunities, comes Ontopical. Founders Christiaan Fulton and Derrick Koenig’s enterprise leverages machine learning to improve the procurement process.


OraQ AI equips patients to enhance wellness practice through a comprehensive approach. Co-founded by Amreesh Khanna, Michael Parchewsky, and Wayne Madhlangobe, the platform is a unique blend of artificial intelligence, dental care, health care, and more.

Testfire Labs

Founder Dave Damer’s Testfire Labs builds products that leverage the latest developments in AI. This startup offers both consulting services and software solutions advancing AI technology.

Q Blocks

Q Blocks, co-founded by Gaurav Vij and Saurabh Vij, is disrupting cloud computing by offering affordable supercomputers. Users can tap into the power of AI with Q Blocks’ solutions.

GreyJay Energy

Transforming buildings into efficiency superstars, GreyJay Energy utilizes technology to streamline energy use. Founded by Kam Shergill, GreyJay offers a blend of machine learning, software, and energy management services.


Utilizing predictive analytics to unveil estimated house values, HonestDoor is an exciting blend of real estate and technology. Founded by Dan Belostotsky, this startup merges machine learning, big data, and real estate into one seamless platform.

Naiad Lab

Focused on connecting healthcare providers with remote patients, Naiad Lab uses AI to redefine healthcare access. This disruptive startup was launched by Esmat Naikyar.


Next, we have Medo.ai, co-founded by David Quail, Dornoosh Zonoobi, and Jacob L. Jaremko. Medo employs AI to fundamentally streamline the acquisition and interpretation of ultrasound exams.


Vellgus, provides a vast range of services, including AI-powered solutions, web, and mobile app development for startups and businesses. Their suite of digital solutions integrates machine learning to transform modern businesses.


Aiming to accelerate our understanding of financial markets through AI, AlphaLayer designs alpha-generating solutions for investment management firms. Their innovative approach merges fintech with machine learning.

Xkey AiEstimation and Business Services

Pivotally positioned at the intersection of AI, construction and business development, Xkey AiEstimation bolsters estimators in the mechanical and electrical construction fields. Founders Mark Chappell and Rob Swynar have successfully merged these industries with cutting-edge technology.


Founded by Amit Varma, Braintoy supports professionals who need to produce machine learning models quickly. Their AI platform is an excellent tool for accelerating the creation of ML applications.


Last but not least is Jamh. This startup, co-founded by Alec Lamb, Huda Abbas, and Jackson Cooper, offers data collection, content research, and communication services, augmented with artificial intelligence and machine learning.


These startups are survivors and thrivers, forging new paths in Alberta’s tech landscape. While Machine Learning continues to evolve, these startups aren’t just riding the wave—they’re helping to create it. They’re the torchbearers of innovation, lighting the path for others to follow in the years to come.

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