Which Vancouver Design Startups are Revolutionizing Canadian Tech in 2023?

The design start-up scene in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is vibrant and bustling, bridging various industries from technology and web development to visual arts and property management. In this article, we highlight fifteen of the most noteworthy design startups that are making waves in the Canadian business landscape.

CanadaVenture.news is keen to spotlight the innovative drive of these start-ups, their contribution to various sectors with their unique design solutions, and the founders who envision and drive these enterprises. The core industries these start-ups serve include but are not limited to Information Technology, E-Commerce, Social Networking, and Gaming.

Without any further ado, let’s dive into understanding who these game-changer businesses are and learn a bit about each of them.

Hangeh Labs

Founded by Saif Khan and Zeeshan Rasool, Hangeh Labs is a pioneer in creating social networks and community marketplaces for residential buildings. Their unique approach to integrating Communities, Product Design, Property Management, and Real Estate offers novel solutions for the housing market.


An International Design Agency VAUNNT intertwines Information Technology, Marketing, and Web Design. While its founders remain anonymous, the impact of their design on the industry is recognized and appreciated widely.


Co-founded by Richard Lau, LOGO.com presents as a distinguished Graphic Design and Branding platform. Specifically developed for E-Commerce, Graphic Design, Marketing, and Personal Branding, this startup brings an innovative approach to logo creation.


Polyform, an enigmatic startup in the Education, Product Design, Product Research, Training, and UX Design industry, offers notable educational and service-oriented design solutions.


Arestor takes a leap into the metaverse with technologies grounded in AI and blockchain. Their effort in Arts, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Graphic Design offers innovative design solutions for the digital age.


Shape integrates 3D production, consulting, marketing, augmented reality, and app development services for the retail and e-commerce sector. Their unique contribution to Consulting, E-Commerce, Information Technology, Internet, and Product Design is reshaping retail marketing.

UCW Labs Ltd.

Specializing in IoT prototyping, embedded systems programming, custom hardware design, IoT integration, and custom software development, UCW Labs Ltd. leaves a significant imprint on the world of Information Technology, Big Data, Cloud Computing, and Software Engineering.


Lemur pushes the boundaries of web development, UX design, UI design, and product design, developing solutions that are beneficial to the Software, UX Design, and Web Development sectors.


Founded by Juan David Cruz Serrano, Dhamova has brought innovation to the Information Technology and Product Design industry with its multiverse of products including Pineapple.build, Vhista, and Lulo.cloud.

Sixzero Design

Sixzero Design is a UX/UI design studio that strategically uses user research and data to design impactful software. They provide services to Android, iOS, mobile apps, consulting, and professional services among others.

Night Garden Studio

Night Garden Studio is a mobile game development studio providing 2D games and game designing services. With a focus on Digital Entertainment, Graphic Design, and Video Games, this startup brings creativity into the digital game scene.


Viceroy transforms internet retail by offering a wide range of products from various brands. They stamp their presence in the E-Commerce, Internet, Product Design, and Retail sectors with their unique design philosophy.

BioForm Solutions

Focusing on sustainability, BioForm Solutions provides brands an affordable and simple way to create a broad range of home compostable products. They make a significant contribution to the Manufacturing, Product Design, and Product Management industry.

Meo Forest

Founded by Andy Pham, Meo Forest is a digital marketing company providing web development, hosting, graphic design, content, and social media services. Their innovative solutions positively influence Advertising, Graphic Design, SEO, Web Development, and Web Hosting sectors.

Webocity Technologies

Webocity Technologies combines their passion for website design and development to deliver unique marketing solutions. Contributing to the fields of Information Technology, Marketing, Professional Services, Web Design, and Web Development they offer unique design approaches to the industry.


These startups are reshaping the design industries with their unique and innovative solutions. Each of the design start-ups provides a unique value proposition, complementing and enriching the digital and physical design landscapes in Canada and potentially globally. Vancouver is undoubtedly a hub for design innovation, and we look forward to seeing how these start-ups grow and succeed in the future.

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