Which Vancouver Food and Beverage Startups are Revolutionizing Canada’s Industry?

In an increasingly health-conscious and environmentally-aware world, Canada’s food and beverage sector is demonstrating its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and diversity. Among the leaders in this specialty field are a slew of startups hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, that are pushing boundaries and reimagining what the food and beverage industry can look like. In this article, we spotlight fifteen pioneering Vancouver-based Food and Beverage startups that are disrupting the industry with their novel approaches to food production, distribution, and consumption.

These startups span an array of sectors docketed under the Food and Beverage industry. From plant-based protein manufacturers and products using artificial intelligence in food waste rescue, to automated meal prep delivery services and function mushroom supplements; these startups are on the cutting edge of Food Tech. Each one is driven by a unique vision and mission, offering a transformative lens for viewing our everyday bite and sip.

Together, they form a vibrant snapshot of Vancouver’s food and beverage startup scene, a testament to the city’s booming entrepreneurial spirit and lust for sustainable growth. Below are the startups, listed in no particular order, that are creating innovations specific to the food and beverage industry, embracing technology and sustainability in their respective realms, and ultimately shaping the future of what we eat and drink.

No Meat Factory

No Meat Factory offers an innovative take on proteins. This Food and Beverage, Food Processing, Packaging Services-focused startup is a co-manufacturer of alternative protein products. Not only does it provide a viable solution for vegetarians and vegans, but it also helps to reduce environmental impact associated with conventional meat production.


With the motto to upcycle food waste into delectable products, Trendi, founded by Carissa Campeotto & Craig McIntosh, uses AI-focused robotics. This startup belongs to fields like Artificial Intelligence, Food and Beverage, Robotics, and Vending & Concessions.


Created by Arnav Mishra & Parsa Riahi, Dyne is a Restaurant SaaS + B2C Mobile App Marketplace offering a multi-faceted platform in the domains of Apps, Food and Beverage, Marketing and Software.


Founded by Drew Munro, UpMeals is a unique food technology company that offers prepared meals and a delivery service ensuring healthy and delicious food available at your doorstep.

TMRW Foods

A Canadian producer of plant-based proteins, TMRW Foods, founded by Dean Blignaut, produces in their wholly owned HACCP certified facility. They are an emblem of the Food and Beverage and Manufacturing industries.


For those who believe in food as medicine, Fed, founded by Elin Tayyar & Saba Marzara, designs, prepares and delivers nutritionally-conscious meals at your doorstep. They have footprints in E-Commerce, Food and Beverage, Food Delivery, Health Care, Nutrition, and Wellness fields.

Vegano Foods

Vegano Foods, founded by Conor Power & Kaylee Astle— a plant-based meal kit delivery service utilizing high-quality ingredients sourced from local farmers and producers.

Pontus Protein

A forerunner in Agriculture, AgTech, Farming, Food and Beverage, Nutraceutical, Nutrition, Organic Food, Pontus Protein operates by CEO Steve R McArthur. They specialize in vertical farming of water lentils, using 95% less water than traditional agriculture.

Oco Meals

Oco Meals, led by Kenton Jarvie, delivers ready-to-eat meals at your doorstep. The startup is reshaping the Food and Beverage, Food Delivery, and Restaurants industries.

BevCanna Enterprises

BevCanna Enterprises, guided by Marcello Leone, develops and manufactures cannabinoid-infused beverages and consumer products, operating in the Cannabis, Food and Beverage, and Manufacturing sectors.

Coho Collective Kitchens

Coho Collective Kitchens operates a commissary kitchen offering thriving facilities in Business Development, Food and Beverage, and Marketing.

Rocka Foods International Inc.

Rocka Foods International Inc., pioneered by Yutaro Oka, provides nutritious commercial meal kits to schools and canteens in Africa, beginning with Ghana, a game-changer in E-commerce, Food and Beverage, Food Delivery, and Nutrition sectors.

Noble Jerky

With its motto of effortless snacking from a former meat company, Noble Jerky, founded by Claudio Urbani, Jordan Urbani, Stefan Urbani, is a unique player in the Food and Beverage and Snack Food industry.

Ollie Order

Ollie Order, co-founded by Jesse Bannister, Mike Macquisten, and Ryan Wilson, is a distribution management software platform for British Columbian alcohol makers and buyers, making waves in the Food and Beverage, Information Technology and Software areas.


Transforming the physical and mental performance of its consumers, Hekate, established by Justin Kates, focuses on using functional mushroom supplements. They play a significant role in the Food and Beverage, Health Care, and Wellness industries.

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