Who Are Vancouver’s Most Influential Real Estate Startups in 2023?

Startups today are churning out innovative ideas in every industry and real estate is no exception. Vancouver, British Columbia, one of Canada’s biggest real estate markets, has become a hotbed for real estate startups. These firms are leveraging technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and more to streamline real estate operations and make the life of property investors, managers, and owners much easier. Let’s delve into some of these promising real estate startups based in Vancouver, Canada:


Spexi is a two-sided platform that offers a web app, mobile app, blockchain, and SaaS, serving the construction, drones, geospatial, and real estate industry.


REITIUM is a unique real estate investment platform that leverages blockchain technology to allow anyone to become a real estate investor with as little as $100. The platform was founded by Laura Fortey, and Thomas Park and operates in the crowdfunding, marketplace, real estate investment, and wealth management industries.


Led by founders Hayden James, Josh Baker, and Rayan Rafay, Fraction is a technology-based lending platform aimed at making residential real estate affordable, flexible, and liquid. The firm operates in the financial services, FinTech, Lending, and Real Estate industry.


Roomvu uses AI to create ready-made, hyper local videos that realtors can personalize and publish on social media or promote via SMART ads. The startup was founded by Amir Vohooshi and Russell Kentish.

Tribe Property Technologies

Tribe Property Technologies, founded by Joseph Nakhla, is a property technology company that aims to digitize the traditional property management industry.

addy invest

addy invest is an online investment platform co-founded by Jeff Booth, Michael Stephenson, and Stephen Jagger.

Parvis Invest

Parvis Invest, co-founded by Drew Green, is a direct-to-investor and tech-driven real estate investing platform.


Zinite is a startup that helps companies build efficient chips within the same product real estate. The company was founded by Douglas Bartage, Kenneth Cadien, and Lhing Shoute.

International Deal Gateway

International Deal Gateway, co-founded by Dean Lindal, Elizabeth Priestman, and Jordan Trimble, is an online global deal community for exceptional entrepreneurs, investors, and family offices.

Hangeh Labs

Hangeh Labs, co-founded by Saif Khan and Zeeshan Rasool, provides a social network and community marketplace for residential buildings.


Kadestone is a real estate investment and development company.

Niki App Limited

Niki App Limited, founded by Hermann Fink Fuentes, Nils Emmanuel Vera Orozco, and Pedro Antonio De Velasco Cepeda, is a one-stop digital platform for renting properties for students.

Point Grey Technologies Inc.

Point Grey Technologies Inc., co-founded by Clarissa Gunawan, uses the power of technology to enhance the rental experience for landlords and tenants.

Concrete MRI

Concrete MRI, founded by Hoang Nhan Nguyen, provides scanning and monitoring services to determine the quality of concrete on civil engineering projects.


whatifi.io, developed by co-founders Alex Cruise, Jon Cowley, and Robert Sanchez, is a highly visual, low-code, formula-free, financial scenario builder and presentation platform for advisors and consultants.

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