Who Are Toronto’s Most Influential Media and Entertainment Startups Today?

Toronto, Ontario, Canada is home to a vibrant start-up scene, with countless innovators and visionaries leaving their mark in diverse industries. The Media and Entertainment sector is no exception, boasting a rich blend of creativity and technology. These start-ups are leveraging cutting-edge innovation to shift how we consume, share, and engage with content. From live streaming virtual zoos to Media and Entertainment entities harnessing machine learning, these Toronto-based startups are redefining industry norms and shaping the future of entertainment.

Housing some of the grandest eSports organizations, immersive artificial intelligence entertainment companies, and promising media platforms, the city is a hotbed for emerging start-ups. As we delve deeper into the digital age, these budding entrepreneurs are laying down the foundations for a tech-centric, advanced entertainment revolution. Let’s take a look at some of these game-changing start-ups that are soaring high in this dynamic landscape.

Here are 15 Media and Entertainment startups based in Toronto that are shaping the future of the global entertainment ecosystem.

Monsters Aliens Robots Zombies (MARZ)

Founded by Jonathan Bronfman and Lon Molnar, MARZ is an exceptional tech company with a specialized VFX studio. MARZ focuses exclusively on premium TV and has been a part of big productions like HBO’s Watchmen and Marvel’s WandaVision. Industry: Animation, Art, Artificial Intelligence, Film, Film Production, Machine Learning, Media, and Entertainment, TV Production.


A ground-breaking venture, Zoolife streams live from accredited zoos, sanctuaries, and rehabilitation centers, creating an interactive virtual zoo experience. Its ability in bringing the zoo to the comfort of one’s own home fosters an innovative form of entertainment and education. Industry: Media and Entertainment, Video Streaming.

OverActive Media Group

Founded by Adam Adamou and Babak Pedram, OverActive Media Group is a global esports and entertainment organization integrated into multiple esports titles. It hopes to reshape the esports landscape and create an immersive form of entertainment for all. Industry: eSports, Gaming, Media and Entertainment, PC Games.

The Logic

Founded by David Skok, The Logic is an online media platform that covers innovations, venture capital, the digital economy, and social and e-commerce portals. It provides frequent updates and in-depth analysis, making it an invaluable resource. Industry: E-Commerce, Innovation Management, Journalism, Media and Entertainment, News, Publishing.

Resemble AI

Founded by Saqib Muhammad and Zohaib Ahmed, Resemble AI creates custom voices using deep learning models to generate realistic Speech Synthesis. This revolutionizes dubbing, accessibility services, and more, making it an exciting venture to watch out for. Industry: Artificial Intelligence, Audio, Machine Learning, Media and Entertainment.

Eon Media

Founded by Ashish Agrawal, Eon Media aims to empower content providers and sponsors with accurate ROI data for sponsorship “EVERY LOGO EVERY TIME”. This ensures transparency and accountability. Industry: eSports, Media and Entertainment, Sports, Video Streaming.


Founded by Bryce Hunter, TritonHQ provides media library automation tools and high-quality video production to streamline brand and content ownership. Industry: Cloud Infrastructure, Consulting, Information Technology, Internet, Media and Entertainment, Software.


Resonance is creating the tech intelligence engine of the future. They are transforming the way people access and understand technical information. Industry: Database, Market Research, Media and Entertainment, News, Quantum Computing, Space Travel.

Playmaker Capital

Founded by Jordan Gnat, Playmaker Capital is a digital sports media company that lives at the intersection of sports, gambling, media, and technology. It aims to revolutionize the way sports and betting are experienced. Industry: Information Technology, Media and Entertainment, Sports.


SponsorPulse is a B2B SaaS company that helps sponsorship marketers maximize ROI by making faster, consumer-driven decisions. Industry: B2B, Consumer Research, Marketing, Media and Entertainment, SaaS, Sponsorship, Sports.

Agora Labs

Agora Labs is a platform that enables web 3.0 creators to build scalable tokenized communities. Industry: Audio, Media, and Entertainment.

Gonez Media

Gonez Media is an online media company that provides enriching marketing content for its customers. Industry: Media and Entertainment, News, Publishing.


ENDLESS is a professional North American esports organization focusing on gaming content, lifestyle, and apparel, blurring lines between gaming and fashion. Industry: Digital Media, eSports, Gaming, Lifestyle, Media and Entertainment, Social Media.


Founded by Bryce Hunter and Ystallonne Alves, Boxcat utilizes a quantum computer to render images. An exciting and cutting-edge venture. Industry: Information Technology, Media and Entertainment, Quantum Computing.

My People Know

My People Know is focused on Creators That Run The Internet, bringing together creators and their audiences in one community. Industry: Advertising, Content Creators, Creative Agency, Digital Entertainment, DRM, Marketing, Media and Entertainment, Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing.

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