Which Canadian Online Gaming Startups are Revolutionizing the Industry in 2023?

Canadian start-ups are reshaping the landscape of online gaming, with pioneering companies exploring various trending domains from blockchain-based games to eSports and fantasy sports. This article showcases 15 interesting online gaming startups from Canada that are enhancing the gaming world with extraordinary innovations, ingenious business models, and exciting gaming experiences. Each of these has its unique story and achievements, underscoring the entrepreneurial dynamism, creativity, and technological skills inherent in the Canadian gaming industry.

From facilitating low-latency multiplayer games to creating engaging digital experiences and developing platforms for eSports experiences, these startups have made a strong mark in the gaming industry. They are leveraging the latest technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence, fostering a new wave of trends in the industry. Let’s dive in and discover these innovative startups and their contributions to the gaming universe.

CanadaVenture.news is proud to present these compelling startups, highlighting their innovative operations, notable founders, targeted industries, and charming game offerings. The profiles also include a direct link to each startup’s website, providing a way for curious readers to learn more about their favorite startups.

AlwaysGeeky Games

AlwaysGeeky Games stands at the intersection of blockchain and gaming, with creations such as an NFT project called Voxies and a game called Voxies Tactics. Although the founders remain anonymous, the startup has marked its presence in the Online Games, Gaming, and Blockchain industries, blending cutting-edge technology with engaging gaming experiences.


Co-founded by Mathieu Duperre, Edgegap is a hosting platform specializing in delivering low-latency multiplayer games. The startup has touched upon multiple industries such as Online Games, Video Games, Information Technology, and Web Hosting – showcasing a robust blend of gaming and technology.


Where fantasy sports meet the stock market, there lies Sportiqo. This start-up by Anindya Kar brings gaming, fantasy sports, online games, and sports together in a captivating concoction of interactive entertainment and strategic play.


Realm, founded by Dustin Nanos, Edward Ord, and Eric Faust, acquires AAA licenses to major gaming content and creates additional digital experiences, products, and services. The startup explores several fields, from MMO Games to Mobile Apps, PC games and Online Games.


Creating a future for engaging superfans, GameOn by Matt Bailey covers a vast variety of industries such as Blockchain, Fantasy Sports, Consumer Applications, Cryptocurrency, Gaming, Mobile Apps, Online Games, and Sports. If it’s on, it’s on with GameOn.

Sherwa Online Services

Sherwa Online Services, founded by Andre P. Gross, Luiz Persechini, and Pedro Vasconcellos, is a platform that connects players into a friendly community where they can get help at their games and find new friends to play with. From Online Games to Information Technology, Video Games, Peer to Peer, and Sharing Economy, Sherwa covers a wide range of sectors.


Co-founded by Benny Giang, Bryce Bladon, and Dieter Shirley, CryptoKitties is a fascinating game enabling users to collect and breed virtual cats on the blockchain. The game powers on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Mobile Apps, and Online Games sectors.

LEAF Mobile

LEAF Mobile, created by Darcy Taylor, offers endearing player loyalty with free-to-play mobile games. With specialties in Gaming, Mobile Apps, Online Games, and Video Games, LEAF Mobile is making a significant impact on the gaming front.

Iron Goblin

Co-founded by Dean Roskell, Iron Goblin is an independent game development studio producing fantasy role-playing games with a focus on social co-operative play. It covers industries such as Gaming, Information Technology, Online Games, PC Games, Software, and Video Games.

TGS Esports

TGS Esports by Spiro Khouri is a community eSports center opening its doors to players of all skill levels inviting them to watch and compete all year round. The startup is reshaping the eSports, Gaming, and Online Games industries with its unique offering.

Extremely OK Games

Extremely OK Games is a game studio offering digital amusements to its clients. Although the founders remain unknown, they have made notable strides within the Online Games and Video Games industry.


Co-founded by Alexander Lazarik, Maksim Bogomol, and Nikita Kononenko, Zimoxy is one of the fastest-growing projects in the game server business. The startup touches upon numerous sectors, including Communities, Content, Gaming, Online Games, and Video Games.

Ruse IA

Ruse IA, with its anonymous founders, develops interactive digital and pedagogical tools to accelerate the poker learning curve catering to a wide player base. The startup covers Online Games, Serious Games, and Software industries.

PiiK Games

PiiK Games provides the platform, tools, and expertise for delivering rich and engaging eSports experiences to gamers worldwide. The startup is making a significant mark within the eSports and Online Games sectors.

Tiny Colony

Tiny Colony, with its anonymous founders, specializes in blockchain games. It provides a unique web3 experience for users, setting its foot in the Blockchain, Gaming, Online Games, and Video Games sectors.


These are among the cutting-edge Canadian startups that are raising the bar in terms of high-quality, distinctive, and immersive online gaming experiences. Canada’s gaming industry is indeed thriving due to the grit and creativity of such startups. This article is a tribute to their efforts and an invitation for dedicated gamers to explore their thrilling offerings.

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