Who’s Revolutionizing Lending? Canada’s Most Influential Fintech Startups Update

Keen on shining the spotlight on Canadian fintech startups that are changing the lending landscape, this article provides a curated list of fifteen innovative companies aiming to redefine the traditional boundaries of funding and banking. These startups cut across different financial sector niches, offering solutions for commercial, consumer, and peer-to-peer lending, in areas as diverse as real estate, employee benefits, and e-commerce. Read on to explore this collection of trailblazing lending startups in Canada.

As lending practices evolve and an increased reliance on technology becomes the order of the day, startups are leveraging their innovative solutions to make lending easier, more accessible, and streamlined for businesses, organizations, and individuals alike. Canadian startups are at the forefront of this transformation, pushing the envelope with ingenious lending options and alternatives to traditional financial services.

From machine learning to blockchain, these startups leverage state-of-the-art technology to reinvent the future of lending. They not only provide a much-needed platform for businesses and individuals to access loans but are also reshaping the way loans are managed. Without further ado, let’s delve into these exciting startups, each determined to redefine the lending industry.


Levr.ai is a software company looking to revolutionize the lending industry with its innovative fintech solutions. Jump-started by founders Kaylan Pepin and Roman Hartmann, it aims to streamline how businesses access and manage loans. With a focus on commercial lending and a proprietary funding platform, Levr.ai is optimally positioned to ride the wave of financial technology advancement.


In the realm of digital credit, lending, and payments, Caary stands out. This fintech startup provides a corporate credit card and a nifty financial management solution. Founded by Jason Sawyer and Steve Apostolopoulos, Caary occupies a crucial niche in credit cards, financial services, and lending industries.


Key is a consumer lending solution aimed at aiding renters in becoming homeowners, while ensuring satisfying real estate returns for property owners. Born from the minds of founders Daniel Dubois, Derek Manuge, and Rob Richards, Key is revamping the way consumers approach homeownership.


Fraction, co-founded by Hayden James, Josh Baker, and Rayan Rafay, is a technology-based lending platform promoting affordable, flexible, and liquid residential real estate. Built to fan the flames of financial innovation, the platform offers lending services tailored for the real estate industry.


goPeer, a pioneer in Canada for consumer P2P lending, aims to connect everyday Canadians to lend and borrow from each other. Thanks to the vision of founders Joseph Buaron and Marc-Antoine Caya, this platform brings a fresh take to consumer lending, impact investing, and peer-to-peer lending.


Homewise merges machine learning with financial services to help clients secure their best mortgage options. Founded by Carlos Medeiros and Jesse Abrams, it provides a seamless and tailored mortgage experience for its users.

Savvyy Studio

Savvyy Studio, led by Craig Cox, Elvina Kang, and Norm Cappell, assists lenders in reducing loan processing costs through smart data usage and design. It offers a unique approach to lending and information technology.

Atomic Loans

Atomic Loans redefines crypto-backed loans through an open source, peer-to-peer protocol – laying the groundwork for a future where middlemen are obsolete. Their platform provides flexible bitcoin and crypto-backed loans.


Co-founders Blair Taylor and Patrick Dunn launched Benefi to help companies issue signing and retention bonuses in a more efficient manner. Their platform is also designed to attract, retain, and engage talent.


Thread, a brainchild of Andrew Haines, connects dealers to suitable lenders and simplifies negotiations through pre-made responses. Their solution is proving instrumental in shaking up the lending and financial services sectors.

Boss Insights

Award-winning Boss Insights, founded by Keren Moynihan and Luke Moynihan, revolutionizes open banking through its data accessibility solutions for business customers. Their platform promises great strides in big data, commercial lending, and fintech.

Glance Capital

Glance Capital, initiated by Jarrett Guy, provides personal loans to part-time and variable employees in the US and Canada. With lending services specifically tailored to this workforce sector, Glance Capital fills a significant gap in the market.


VePay, a fintech initiative by Derrick Chen and Mafaz Jaufer, accommodates the needs of Shari’ah-conscious clients by offering compliant factoring solutions for e-commerce businesses. This platform stands as a niche player in the consumer lending, ecommerce, and finance industries.

Reliance Financial Services

A forerunner in the sphere of heavy equipment financing, Reliance Financial Services goes beyond to also deliver construction loans, working capital, and residential mortgage services. This comprehensive range of financial solutions places Reliance firmly in the finance, financial services, and lending fields.

ShareChange Opportunities Foundation

The ShareChange Opportunities Foundation is a non-profit organization that employs microcredit donations to empower underbanked communities. With a heart for charity and a vision for financial inclusion, their services are extending the benefits of fintech to those often overlooked or underserved by traditional institutions.


As we venture further into this exciting digital age, these lending startups are showing us new ways to perceive, access, and manage loans. From AI-assisted scaling to blockchain-backed lending, our financial ecosystem continues to diversify. These inspiring startups are shaping the future of lending by redefining norms and offering sustainable, efficient, and inclusive lending solutions.

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