What Are Ontario’s Most Influential Wealth Management Startups in 2023?

As the business world continues to evolve, so too does the world of Wealth Management. The sector has seen an influx of innovative startups, particularly in Ontario, Canada. From AI-enhanced portfolio management to financial advisory services, these companies are leveraging technology to redefine the financial and wealth management landscape. What sets them apart? Each startup continuously strives to meet the unique needs of their clients, making their services personalized, efficient, and highly beneficial. Let’s take a closer look at these Wealth Management pioneers.


Founded by Jonathan Dorando and Joshua Pantony, Boosted.ai is a trailblazer in the realm of artificial intelligence for finance. The company leverages machine learning and AI to enhance portfolio management outcomes for the worldwide finance industry. Its core industries include artificial intelligence, finance, machine learning, software, and wealth management.


Provided by financial advisors, asset management sales teams, and the brains of James Rockwood, Maxim Moreau, and Rob Crnkovic, CapIntel offers an investment sales platform that is now extensively used across North America. This startup is bringing innovation to asset management, financial services, fintech, software, and wealth management.

Aviso Wealth

Aviso Wealth, led by William Packham, is a national financial services company. Its prime focus is offering financial services and wealth management.


Planworth, a brainchild of James A. Fraser and Tarsem Basraon, is a B2B SaaS platform. It presents tremendous tools to guide a client’s wealth journey for investment advisors and firms. The enterprise specializes in financial services, fintech, software, and wealth management.


Seedwell is a specialized AI platform that aids in wealth management, savings, credit cards, pension accounts, and personal mortgages. This startup is making significant strides in the employee benefits, fintech, mobile apps, personal finance, and wealth management sectors.


Founded by Jennifer Schell, Finliti assists retail investors by creating effective trading and investment strategies, which are custom-made to their risk profiles. The company operates in the edtech, finance, financial services, fintech, impact investing, sharing economy, and wealth management sectors.

Chronicle Wealth

Chronicle Wealth, a Toronto-based wealth management firm, effectively utilizes financial services, insurance, and wealth management principles to deliver superior client outcomes.

Agora Dealer Services

As a company that offers advice, wealth management, accounting, trade, and practice management services, Agora Dealer Services, led by Jeff Thorsteinson, is revolutionizing the advice, financial services, and wealth management industry.

Ahava Holdings & Ventures

Ahava Holdings & Ventures, pioneered by Janét Aizenstros, is a combination of a holding company and private equity firm that focuses on transforming great technology and media companies. The firm specializes in big data, consumer research, data center, impact investing, information technology, media and entertainment, real estate, real estate investment, venture capital, and wealth management.

Shire Capital Management

Daren Taylor’s brainchild, Shire Capital Management, is an investment management company that focuses on financial services, impact investing, and wealth management.


Established by Saad Hassan, Nvestiv is an investment management firm that offers premium analytics and artificial intelligence services. It thrives in the artificial intelligence, asset management, software, and wealth management industries.


ReachStack offers marketing automation tools for financial services companies, redefining advertising, financial services, marketing automation, software, and wealth management.

Two Sevens Capital

Thanks to founder Adam Batstone, Two Sevens Capital focuses on wealth creation and management through investing in real estate, venture capital, and other alternatives. The organization majors in financial services, real estate, venture capital, and wealth management.

Hedonic Capital

Led by Ethan Simoneau, Hedonic Capital aims to lighten the load of financial management from businesses as they expand operations. Hedonic Capital is leaving a significant footprint in finance, financial services, fintech, venture capital, and wealth management.

Danilee Capital

Danilee Capital, established by Lindsay Wilson, is a private equity investment firm. The firm offers long term investments and crowdfunding for companies and works in impact investing, venture capital, and wealth management.

In conclusion, Ontario has seen a wave of promising startups focusing on wealth management, each bringing a unique perspective to the industry and redefining the client experience. By leveraging the latest technologies, these startups are shaping the future of wealth management in Canada.

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