Who Are Quebec’s Most Influential Security Startups Shaping the Future?

Quebec, Canada, is a fertile ground for startups with a specific interest in the security sector. These startups span sectors like cyber security, enterprise software, artificial intelligence, and even manufacturing. They are revolutionizing how we protect data and ensure privacy in our increasingly digital world. Let’s dive in to understand more about these exciting startups.

These companies are driven by dedicated founders, fueled by a passion for technology and innovation, and committed to providing cutting-edge solutions to complex security challenges. They showcase the versatility, creativity, and potential that Quebec’s vibrant technology ecosystem has to offer.

Whether it’s protecting sensitive data, facilitating secure data sharing, or creating secure platforms for businesses, these startups are pioneering new frontiers in tech. Here’s a closer look at 15 security startups from Quebec that are turning heads in the industry.


Founded by Dany Grimard and Jean Le Bouthillier, Qohash manages to find, track, and safeguard the world’s most sensitive data. The company operates in the Compliance, Cyber Security, Enterprise Software, and Security sectors.


Boostsecurity.io assists software developers to discover cybersecurity-related issues. Despite the identities of its founders being unknown, the company makes vital contributions to the Cyber Security, Security, and Software space.

Cobalt Intelligence

Cobalt Intelligence, co-founded by Jean-François Plante, focuses on creating a collaborative app that keeps businesses and communities safe. It operates within the Cloud Computing, Enterprise Software, Information Technology, Mobile, and Security sectors.


Founded by Georgios Depastas and Georgios Kellaris, Kalepso is unlocking the power of sensitive big data and data sharing through patent-pending privacy solutions. The startup is notable in the big data, cyber security, database, information services, IT, and privacy sectors.


SEKOR AI, co-founded by Christian Kengne and Lionel Tidjon, provides cloud-based tools for an end-to-end audit and security of AI solutions based on trust indicators following ethical standards. It operates mainly in the AI, Compliance, Cyber Security, and Machine Learning sectors.


Cofounded by Gino Sciretta, BranditScan is an automated tool that controls brand privacy, piracy control, and privacy protection. It operates in the Privacy, Security, and Software sectors.


MONDATA, founded by Martin Berthiaume, has developed MD.ECO, a scalable cloud-based platform providing a full cybersecurity ecosystem for companies of all sizes. It mainly operates in the Cyber Security and Information Technology sectors.


goco.ca offers telecommunications services, and particularly prides itself in its contributions to Network Security, Telecommunications, and Unified Communications.

Indominus AI

Co-founded by Rene-Sylvain Bedard, Indominus AI is a SaaS development think tank powered by AI, Cloud, and Automation.

B2B Cyber Secure

B2B Cyber ​​Secure helps small and medium-sized enterprises to strengthen their organization and IT architecture against cyberthreats. The company operates in the Cyber Security, Information Services, and Outsourcing sectors.

Neptune Cyber

Neptune Cyber offers marine cyber security solutions. The company stands out for its focus on the Cyber Security, Marine Technology, and Marine Transportation sectors.


XGuard is a security and investigations firm that offers security and signaling services and solutions. It grossly contributes to the Physical Security, Privacy, and Security sectors.

The Kulinda Consortium

Co-founded by Avi Chaudhuri, The Kulinda Consortium is an alliance of companies that provide solutions to protect brand owners in the Fraud Detection, Public Safety, and Security sectors.

Bold Integrator

Bold Integrator designs, implements, and maintains integrated, security, and ICT solutions. The company operates in the Cyber Security, Physical Security, and Procurement sector.

DCAO Solutions

Cofounded by Gaston DANDURAND, DCAO Solutions manufactures interactive sanitary access control kiosks. It contributes mainly to the Health Diagnostics, Manufacturing, and Physical Security sectors.

These are just a few examples of the exciting work being done by security startups in Quebec, Canada. Each of them brings its unique vision and approach to the fore, contributing to a more secure, private, and safe digital world for businesses and consumers alike. Their innovation and diligence demonstrate the potential of Quebec’s tech ecosystem and make them standouts in the industry.

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