What Are Ottawa’s Most Influential IT Startups Shaping The Industry?

Canada, Ottawa in particular, has seen a resurgence in innovative Information Technology startups. This generation of startups is pushing the boundaries of technological development, exploring new avenues in everything from data analytics to digital immigration services. The startups spotlighted here exhibit an impressive diversity in technology solutions, with a focus on being at the forefront of their respective industries.

The city of Ottawa, famous for its high tech and innovative environment, has contributed significantly towards fostering a supportive ecosystem for fresh startups. This is evident from the remarkable number of new technology companies mushrooming in the city recently. We have picked 15 startups from Ottawa that have shown significant promise and innovation in their approach.

These startups are not only diversifying the technological landscape in Ottawa but are also bringing fresh ideas and novel solutions to global markets. Here are short bios of these exciting startups, with links to their websites for more information:

Replica Analytics

Co-founded by Khaled El Emam, Replica Analytics offers synthetic data solutions via data synthesis and privacy assurance software and services. They thrive in the intersection of analytics, information technology, and software industries. Their innovative solutions are forging new paths in data privacy and analytics.


Founded by Connor Hicks, Suborbital utilizes Atmo to construct web services with a novel approach, banking on the capabilities of native WebAssembly’s cloud. They are making a mark in the information services, information technology, web design, and web development industries.

VRapeutic, Inc.

A brainchild of Ahmad Al-Kabbany and Yahya Alaa, VRapeutic, Inc. is a UNICEF Innovation Fund software house that specializes in creating rehabilitation solutions for neurodevelopmental challenges using VR technology. They are pioneering new methods in health care, information technology, and virtual reality sectors.

MODU Research

Co-founded by Abdou Sarr and Mo Alissa, MODU Research is an immersive media startup that is making strides in the augmented reality, consumer software, information technology, and mobile software industry.


Founded by Benjamin Chambers and Peter Baldwin, eGloo, through their product Netify, provides network intelligence and visibility, combining network monitoring with cloud-analytics to deliver business-driven results. They exist at the crossroads of analytics, information technology, and software.


LemonadeLXP has introduced a learning digital adoption platform for financial institutions, adding value to the e-learning, information technology, and simulation industry.


Velavu, an asset management company, offers unique solutions for vehicle tracking, driving events, geofencing, and pallet tracking. They are making a name for themselves in the asset management, information services, information technology, and software industries.

Vigilant AI

Vigilant AI provides a data analysis platform and an array of services for the retail industry, emphasizing the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning within the retail sector.


Chris Bartholomew and Ming Luo established Kesque, a fully managed cloud messaging service powered by Apache Pulsar, differentiating themselves within the cloud computing, information technology, and software sector.


WayBase makes mobile apps for spiritual growth, contributing significantly within the communities, information technology, and mobile apps industry. Their innovative approach integrates spiritual growth with technology.


Homeprint, founded by Jamie Blades and Jody Lavoie, is a digital wallet and dashboard designed to manage and maintain property. They are innovating the home improvement, information technology, property management, real estate, and software sectors with their groundbreaking solutions.


CykoMetrix has developed a data analytics platform for human factor intelligence targeting psychometrics testers who need a platform to deliver testing. They stand out in the consulting, human resources, information technology, professional services, SaaS, and software industries.

Design Centered Co.

Design Centered Co., founded by Urooj Qureshi, is an innovation, design consulting firm that guides organizations to maximize their impact. They are reshaping the consulting, incubators, information technology, innovation management, product design, and UX design sectors.


Immigratic is a digital immigration firm, bringing fresh perspectives to the information technology and legal tech sectors. They are ushering in a new era of digital solutions for immigration-related services.

Agile Work Evolutions

Agile Work Evolutions is an award-winning team of workplace transformation leaders who have been dedicatedly removing barriers and future-proofing organizations. They stand out and continue to grow within the information services and information technology industries.

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