Which Ontario Graphic Design Startups are Shaping the Industry in 2023?

Ontario, a vibrant hub for startups, is rapidly gaining recognition for its innovative graphic design startups. From collaborative mockup design tools to digital agencies transforming brand image, these fledgling enterprises are making a significant impact in the graphic design industry. Let’s explore some of these promising startups contributing to the dynamic evolution of graphic design in Ontario.

Artboard Studio

Founded by Hooman Askari and Mucahit Gayiran, Artboard Studio is pioneering a collaborative approach to mockup design. With its concerted focus on brand marketing, digital marketing, product design, software, and video editing, Artboard Studio is empowering designers and marketers globally.


Otherlife specializes in design, development, strategy, and experiential marketing. With its innovative approach to graphic design and packaging services, combined with an engaging touch of cryptocurrency, Otherlife is certainly a startup to watch out for.


Founded by Senthu Velnayagam, Kimp.io is revolutionizing the graphic design industry with unlimited graphic design services for a flat monthly fee. With a free trial of 7 days, this startup makes graphic design accessible to all.

Creme Digital

Creme Digital, founded by Damien Ghader and Jacob Klug, designs and develops digital products. This startup focuses on the intersection of Apps, Developer Tools, Software, and Web Development, presenting innovative digital solutions through its graphic design techniques.


With a passion for graphic design, information technology, mobile apps, UX Design, and web design, UIUXDen provides remarkable solutions in UI UX Design, Web & Mobile APP Design.

Welch Sign

Welch Sign is not your standard digital agency; it offers custom graphic design, large format printing, wayfinding signs, displays, and vehicle wraps. This startup is redefining the advertising, marketing, and printing industry.

Ashbi Creative Studio

Ashbi Creative Studio, a black-owned freelance creative design studio, specializes in branding, graphic design, web design, and digital marketing. Founded by Cameron Ashley, it fuses creativity with strategic insights to deliver phenomenal results.

Grid Communications

Grid Communications, founded by Raul Lince, is a Toronto-based agency offering exceptional solutions in social media and web design. Its adroit blend of creative and strategic practices in graphic design and social media marketing sets it apart.

Rayvn Design

Rayvn Design is a brand strategy & design consultancy that assists subject-matter experts in creating premium brands. Its expertise spans across advertising, brand marketing, social media marketing, and web design.

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wraps, founded by Rashid Khan, assist companies in increasing their visibility through brilliant graphic designs that can be used in outdoor advertising.

NetFusion Designs

NetFusion Designs does more than just graphic designing; they also provide IT Support Services to Businesses across the Greater Toronto Area.

Vac Aero International

Vac Aero International is a global leader in Furnace Manufacturing, Vacuum Processing, and Coating technologies, utilising graphic design in a truly innovative and unique way.

HYDENSIQ Digital Agency

HYDENSIQ Digital Agency is a full-service digital agency with a strong emphasis on creative advertising, consulting, digital marketing, digital media, email marketing, graphic design, web design, and web development.

Pruve Web Agency

Pruve Web Agency provides graphic design, web design, and social media marketing services. It is driving change with its innovative solutions in SEM, SEO, social media advertising, and web development. All elements align to make its founders proud of the powerful imprint it’s making on the industry.

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