Which BC Pharmaceutical Startups Are Transforming Canada’s Healthcare Industry?

The vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in British Columbia, Canada has been incubating some of the most innovative startups in the Pharmaceutical sector. These exciting enterprises are ringing in new, transformative practices, markets and technologies that are disrupting the sector and making quality healthcare more accessible and affordable. This article presents a snapshot of fifteen such groundbreaking startups making waves in the British Columbia Pharmaceutical sector.

From online pharmacies to biotechnology companies, these startups span a diverse range of industry segments and delivery models. While some are exploring cutting-edge realms like full-scope medical cannabis client care and molecular modelling technology, others are focused on digital health through mobile app solutions or full-cycle clinical trials. With this breadth of innovation, British Columbia is rapidly becoming a hub for the future of pharmaceuticals.

Have a closer look at the scope of these groundbreaking ventures and their contributions to the changing face of global healthcare.


Co-founded by Abhinav Gupta, Harj Samra, and Raj Gulia, PocketPills is Canada’s leading online pharmacy that delivers medication by the dose straight to customer’s doors, making healthcare more accessible and convenient.

Veterans For Healing

Fabian Henry have founded Veterans For Healing, a for-profit Canadian company that uses medical cannabis to help Veterans heal from trauma and PTSD.

Clairvoyant Therapeutics

Clairvoyant Therapeutics is revolutionizing psychedelic therapy through their speed-to-market clinical strategy. This biotechnology company is pushing boundaries in the Therapeutics niche.

HTuO Biosciences

Co-founded by Alexander Shynkarenko and Anthony Fejes, HTuO Biosciences has developed innovative technology for high-accuracy molecular modelling, oftentimes utilized for drug discovery and development.

Green Mountain

Green Mountain is an innovator in the field of cannabis pharmaceutical and wellness products, founded by David Coolidge, Salil Dhaumya, and Wade Attwood.


Allied, founded by Calum Hughes, produces premium craft cannabinoid health products in order to support PTSI patients.

Apex Labs

Apex Labs is a socially focused pharmaceutical company, dedicated towards making medicines accessible and affordable for the mass.

Christina Lake Cannabis

Christina Lake Cannabis, co-founded by Mervin Boychuk, is a distinctive pharmaceutical company that aspires to create more significant margin opportunities through oil extraction.

MySafe Society

Founded by Mark Tyndall, MySafe Society is committed to providing people with a safer, regulated supply of opioids to prevent drug overdoses.

Strath Health

Co-founded by Ken Lokken and Nicole Price-Morin, Strath Health is developing consumer-driven mobile software and data management solutions for smoother healthcare experiences.

Albert Labs

Albert Labs is a pharmaceutical drug development company that is working to procure regulatory approval for active compounds to treat various mental health conditions.

Xphyto Therapeutic

XPhyto Therapeutics is a cannabis-focused pharmaceutical company, developing analytical testing, processing & formulation capabilities to improve healthcare outcomes.

Encann Solutions

Encann Solutions, founded by Lincoln Johnson, is a manufacturing company providing engineered solutions for cannabis oil extraction, contributing immensely in product research and healthcare.

Platform Life Sciences

Platform Life Sciences redefines clinical trials by providing speed coupled with global partnerships to evaluate life-saving therapeutics.

Pan-Biome Pharmaceuticals, Inc

Co-founded by Poul Sorensen and Gordon Eberwein, Pan-Biome Pharmaceuticals, Inc is focusing on longevity and age-related diseases, making inroads in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and therapeutics sectors.

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