Which Canadian restaurant startups are shaping the industry’s future in 2023?

Canada’s entrepreneurial landscape is ever evolving, with numerous startups regularly emerging, particularly in the restaurant industry. These restaurant startups are diverse and innovative, effectively illustrating the adaptability and resilience of Canadian entrepreneurs. This piece aims to highlight exciting and intriguing restaurant startups across Canada, which provide innovative solutions, from novel data analytics systems, to automated cooking products, virtual food halls, and consumer marketplace platforms.

In this tech-driven age, consumers demand convenience, maximizing efficiency even in how they order, eat, and review their food. In response, Canadian startups have gotten creative, implementing AI, Big Data, machine learning, and more, to offer more than just a dining experience. Promising restaurant startups are redefining the restaurant landscape in Canada, driving transformation through technology, sparking industry changes, and filling market gaps caused by the ongoing pandemic.

Let’s shed some light on 15 engrossing restaurant startups that are aspiring to revolutionize the food service domain in Canada.

Brizo Data

Brizo Data is an exceptional startup that performs market intelligence and data science in the restaurant industry. It leverages analytics to provide significant insights about the food service market to businesses. The company was founded by Audrey Bilsborrow, Gaétan Corneau, and Ian Delisle.

Kitchen Hub

Kitchen Hub is a virtual food hall bringing some of Toronto’s top restaurants under one roof. The startup provides a one-stop shop for food lovers, satisfying diverse palate preferences. Founders Adam Armeland, Mat Abramsky, and Oren Borovitch are behind this creative venture.


Radish incorporates solidarity cooperative principles in its online restaurant platform. This startup aims to foster a cooperative relationship between restaurants, delivery personnel and consumers for smooth operations. Radish was founded by Mansib Rahman, Masum Rahman and Mostafa Saadat.

Gastronomous Technologies

Gastronomous Technologies aspires to revolutionize the food service industry by developing a network of interconnected, autonomous cooking products. This will revolutionize cooking processes, ensuring efficiency and consistency.


SPATULA Foods offers a chef-to-consumer marketplace which provides high-quality meals and food products. This startup eliminates the hectic restaurant experience, targeting foodies that seek fine dining at home.

Oco Meals

Oco Meals delivers ready-to-eat meals right at your doorstep on a weekly basis. Co-founded by Kenton Jarvie, this food delivery service offers a convenient way to have fresh meals without the fuss of cooking.


Orty helps quick service and fast-casual restaurants to deploy digital ordering, home delivery, CRM, and more through its powerful point of sale (POS) system. This was created by Michael Popchuk and Stan Komarovskyi with the intent to streamline restaurant operations.

TripleOne Inc

TripleOne Inc is a unique startup founded by James William Awad. It works under a Decentralized Concept, focusing on a wide variety of sectors including restaurants. This startup is altering the business landscape by experimenting with different fields.


PizzaForno, founded by Les Tomlin and William Moyer, has redefined the conventional notion of a restaurant by offering a selection of artisanal pizzas cooked in automated pizza ovens.


ZipLunch is an innovative startup founded by Majdi Alnabih, Jeff Mashregi & Judeh Siwady that aims to maximize restaurant downtime, making it efficient and profitable.


PickEasy is a mobile app-based startup that offers a digital platform for customer service, reservations, and reviews.


Piecemeal, co-founded by Christopher Wells and Oz Trachtman, offers a free platform for restaurant management and a marketplace for restaurant owners to streamline their operations.


Consomme integrates intelligence and automation for the food service industry, delivering innovations powered by Saeed Burki. The enterprise uses AI, machine learning, and robotics to optimize restaurant operations.


JustKitchen allows for delivery-only restaurants and food brands to reach more customers, lower overhead costs, and reduce food wastage. Founder Jason Chen leads this innovative startup.

Gzooh Kitchens

Gzooh Kitchens is a virtual restaurant brand provider operating in Edmonton and Calgary. Offering a unique solution for restaurants, this startup helps traditional dining spaces become virtual restaurants.

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