Who Leads the Gaming Startup Scene in Toronto, Ontario 2023?

Toronto, Ontario, the bustling heart of Canada, may be known for many things, but its rapidly expanding gaming industry is quickly capturing global attention. A vibrant, creative playground, Toronto is a hub of innovation and development in this industry, brimming with start-ups in every corner of gaming, from the mainstream to the obscure. The variety and vision of these firms is staggering, encompassing companies that harness artificial intelligence, construct metaverses, orchestrate e-sports empires, and overlay augmented reality.

There are many reasons for Toronto’s dynamism in this field. High concentrations of excellent educational institutes provide an echo chamber of smart, capable professionals and funders willing to back them. Robust infrastructures and competent governance also help, providing support and incentives for game development and startups in the field. In addition, Canadians are avid gamers, creating a native audience more than ready to engage in ever-diverse gaming experiences. Below, we take a look at 15 of the most interesting gaming start-ups that call Toronto home.

The list encompasses a diverse array of start-ups, each bringing unique ideas, systems, and plans to life. It’s clear that these start-ups don’t just represent the current landscape of the gaming industry in Toronto, but also carve the way for future industry trends.

AI Arena

Founded by Brandon Da Silva, AI Arena merges the worlds of gaming and AI to offer a unique gaming experience. The startup provides native gaming and trains their NFT using artificial intelligence, creating a game that evolves with its players, bridging the gap between Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Gaming, and Software.


Making the future of immersive gaming possibilities a reality, Matterverse, established by Austin Zheng and Shawn Pang, invites anyone to create, share, and explore in a photorealistic metaverse – on any device. They combine 3D Technology, Blockchain, Gaming, Software, and Virtual Reality to construct an all-inclusive gaming universe.


An innovative blending of Fantasy Sports, Gaming, Online Games, and Sports, Sportiqo delivers a unique platform where the thrill of fantasy sports merges with the risk and reward of the stock market. Founder Anindya Kar has created a dynamic new arena for sports enthusiasts and gamers alike.

OverActive Media Group

The vision of founders Adam Adamou and Babak Pedram, OverActive Media Group is an integrated global esports and entertainment organization concentrating on numerous esports titles. The organization, with its focus on eSports, Gaming, Media and Entertainment, and PC Games, creates a comprehensive platform for gamers and esports enthusiasts.

Dark Slope Studios

Dark Slope Studios, founded by Raja Khanna, is a groundbreaking VR/AR developer. By utilizing Animation, Augmented Reality, Digital Entertainment, Gaming, and Virtual Reality technologies, this start-up is pushing the envelope in terms of what is possible within the worlds of interactive and experiential gaming.

Kero Sports

Pushing the boundaries of gaming and betting, Kero Sports provides a curated In-Game Betting engine positioned within the apps of major league teams, leagues, and licensed sportsbook operators. This blending of Fantasy Sports and Gaming offers a wholly new avenue for sports and betting enthusiasts.

Highmark Interactive

Founded by Sanjeev and Sunil Sharma, Highmark Interactive is at the fascinating crossroads of Gaming, Medical, and Software industries. Their innovative work is pushing the boundaries of technology and medicine, as the firm integrates gaming concepts into health technology solutions.


John Caldwell’s brainchild, i3Soft, is making its name in the Gambling and Gaming industry, aiming to alter the landscape of the sector with its innovative ideas and applied technology.


Arwina Mogul’s Beam.gg is a stellar example of how the gaming industry is building more robust connections. Beam.gg is an online community management software for the esports and gaming space, aiming to unite global gamers on its Apps, eSports, Gaming, IT, Mobile Apps, Software, Video Games, and Web Development platform.


Created by Jate Wittayabundit and Krittin Wittayabundit, Ennface is a vibrant gaming company that creates and develops a myriad range of games. By delving into Casual Games, Console Games, Gaming, Mobile Apps, PC Games, Software, and Video Games, Ennface ensures there’s something for every type of gamer in their portfolio.

Versus Reward

At Versus Reward, founder Daryl Hemingway is creating platforms for sports fans to enjoy, predict, and win along with their favorite sports. Blending eSports, Gamification, and Gaming, the startup offers interactive platforms that increase audience engagement and loyalty.

X2 Games

Nolan Bushnell’s X2 Games is a front-runner in offering blockchain-based gaming solutions. This unique venture bridges the divide between Blockchain and Gaming, presenting new possibilities for technology integration within the gaming industry.


AIO, founded by Vladimir Rigenco, is an AI matchmaking platform for like-minded gamers, providing an ingenious tool that uses Artificial Intelligence, Gaming, Machine Learning, and Social Networking for gamers eager to connect and compare notes.

Campfire (YC W22)

Founders Siamak Freydoonnejad and Sina Zargaran’s Campfire (YC W22) is a unique gaming platform that helps remote teams have genuinely fun virtual socials. With firms like Netflix and Github as clients, Campfire is creating a new wave in collaborative gaming and team building.

XP Corp

Aiming to transform the perspective on gaming, XP Corp, the brainchild of Justin Wong, provides a subscription-based daily fantasy esports platform for fans worldwide. This platform is a haven for those who wish to test their esports knowledge without the requirement to gamble, bridging the worlds of Digital Entertainment, eSports, Fantasy Sports, and Gaming.

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