Which Alberta-Based Blockchain Startups Are Revolutionizing the Canadian Tech Sphere?

In recent years, Alberta, Canada, has emerged as a hotspot for blockchain startups. Falling within the heart of the Canadian Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency industry, Alberta has produced a multitude of successful startups, each with a unique premise and promising potential. Blockchain technology is reshaping industries and adding unprecedented value to various sectors, and the pioneers behind it live within the hustle and bustle of this vibrant Canadian province. From Fintech to Cybersecurity and even Agriculture – Alberta’s blockchain startups are set to make a mark in each sphere they foray into. Here’s an insight into some of the province’s most exciting blockchain ventures.


NDAX is a leading cryptocurrency trading platform aimed at both individuals and institutions. Founded by Bilal Hammoud and Hussein Hammoud, NDAX strives to provide a secure environment for trading digital assets, carving its niche within the Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Fintech industry.

R Planet

R Planet Recognizing the potential of blockchain in reshaping financial technology, R Planet is a Texas company operating within Alberta. With heavy emphasis on fintech, R Planet is carving a path for the future of finance.


Created by founders Brent Lane and Brett Jones, HeyAuto is a pure SAAS platform that modernizes the experience for car buyers, sellers, and dealership customers. Falling under the Automotive, Big Data, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, PaaS, and SaaS industry categories, HeyAuto is transforming automotive commerce through technology.


Catalyx is a blockchain trading platform for virtual currencies and digital assets. Spearheaded by Jae Ho Lee, Catalyx is a key player within the Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Financial Services, Fintech, and Trading Platform sectors.

Rome Blockchain Labs

Rome Blockchain Labs is a hexagon in the hive of Alberta’s blockchain startup scene. As a decentralised technology laboratory, this firm deals with Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Data Mining, and Finance.


TerraHub, lead by Dan Giurescu, serves as a verification platform for workers, products, and processes, further driving the adoption of blockchain technology in the Information Technology sector.

Accelerate Financial Technologies

Accelerate Financial Technologies innovates in the world of exchange-traded hedge funds and alternative strategies. Julian Klymochko steers the firm, which is making waves in the Blockchain, Financial Services, and Fintech industries.

Core Starters

Core Starters is a unique startup that utilizes decentralized services through the blockchain to provide solutions to other startups and investors. It holds a notable position in the Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Funding Platform sectors.

Canadian Blockchain Consortium

The Canadian Blockchain Consortium aims to unite the diverse community of blockchain technology business owners, developers, and adopters.

Intelli Network

Intelli Network, founded by Kamea Aloha Lafontaine, is turning heads in Alberta’s blockchain startup scene. As a peer-to-peer crime report platform using a distributed ledger network, Intelli Network is innovating the Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Cyber Security, Information Technology, Legal, and Network Security sectors.


Africhange is a money transfer platform that uses blockchain technology. Falling in the Blockchain, Financial Services, and Payments industry categories, Africhange demonstrates the potency of blockchain within fintech.

Danihel Group

Founded by Peter Danihel, the Danihel Group works to develop and support innovative technology focused on growing online media, artificial intelligence, and fintech applications, amid other things.


Bloks.io is a multi-purpose EOSIO platform supporting different networks founded by Syed Jafri. The startup is a prominent player in the Blockchain, Developer APIs, and Software sectors.


InBridge is stepping up to illustrate how blockchain can prime the Agriculture, Manufacturing, and Clean Energy sectors.Positioned under the Blockchain, Energy, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain Management industries, InBridge is a testament of blockchain’s versatile reach.

Optimal CP

Optimal CP is based in Foothills, Canada, and takes a unique position in the market as a provider of crypto mining infrastructure services within the Blockchain and Mining Technology sectors.

From building secure financial ecosystems to digital provenance, Alberta’s blockchain startups are demonstrating how this technology can be applied and create value across a wide array of industries. Driving change and innovation, the promise of these ventures may shape the future of technology in Canada and beyond.

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