Which Halifax Software Startups Are Reshaping the Tech Industry in Canada?

When it comes to software innovation, Halifax, Nova Scotia is increasingly becoming a hub of groundbreaking ventures. With a rich startup scene and an environment that fosters creativity, Halifax is home to several exciting software ventures that are making significant strides in various industries. This article introduces you to fifteen such startups, each with a unique solution to a particular problem or need.

From healthcare to consumer software, blockchain, fintech, sports, aerospace, and project management among other areas, these startups are demonstrating that with creative ideas, skilled teams, and determination, it’s possible to create incredible, user-friendly software solutions. Here’s a look at these startups, which are transforming the software landscape in Halifax.

Though diverse in their offerings, these startups share certain traits: a commitment to innovation, a focus on creating value for their users, and an unwavering belief in the transformative power of technology. Read on to learn more about these inspiring startups.


Talkatoo is a dictation software maker focusing on professionals in the healthcare industry. Founded by Aly Mawji, and Shawn Wilkie, Talkatoo is generating a monthly recurring revenue of over USD 20,000.

Dear Life

Dear Life is a creative startup that transforms stories into cinematic experiences. It was founded by Harrison Smith, Paul LeBlanc, and Raymond Pancura.


Groundhog offers a suite of software tools to power the crypto subscription economy. The innovative startup was founded by Scott Burke.


SalesRight, founded by Bill Wilson, Greg Toner, and Taylor Bond, helps SaaS sales teams close deals faster with its Interactive Live Quotes software.


The app Bloxo, founded by Mohammed Alhashem and Mubdu Alali, matches individuals with local recreational sports opportunities according to their interests, skill levels, and availability.


Pension automation is the focus of Unio.Dev, a financial services software startup founded by Kevin Ansems.


Space system company, Galaxia, founded by Arad Gharagozli, manufactures cloud and AI-based computing systems for satellites.

Formula Consulting

Formula Consulting develops software to help reduce the time and cost of civil construction projects with innovative digital solutions.


SmartMed, founded by Mohammadhosein Soufi, is creating automated scheduling software for shift workers.

Sideline Learning

Sideline Learning has developed a compliance tracking platform that helps organizations verify and educate. This startup was founded by Michael Johnson.


Acuicy offers a fresh business intelligence tool for the clean economy.


OVERGantt helps projects succeed by combining elements of whiteboards into an enhanced flow diagram.


Database management is made easy with TablePlus. Founded by Huy Pham and Thanh Tung Nguyen, TablePlus has become a must-have tool for database professionals.


FoodByte automates food safety for small teams. It is a startup founded by Matthew Winchester and Sean Pindar.


NotificationAPI, founded by Sahand Seifi, provides a robust notification system that can be utilized in various scenarios.

Together, these innovative startups are contributing significantly to the burgeoning software startup scene in Halifax. Their innovative solutions, persistence and passion offer some great lessons to emerging software developers and entrepreneurs across Canada.

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