Which Calgary Social Startups are Redefining Impact in Canada’s Economy?

Calgary, Alberta, Canada has recently become a hotbed for social startups, attracting entrepreneurs driven by a mission to better society through technology-enabled innovation. These startups range across the fields of education, marketing, agriculture, sales, and more. Whilst leveraging the latest technologies, they also offer unique services that aim to overhaul traditional systems. This article showcases the exciting work of 15 such social innovators, shedding light on their unique propositions, industry, and founding teams.

Notably, numerous startups populating this list function as social networking platforms or marketing service providers. These companies help to connect people and businesses in efficient, digitally-advanced ways. Moreover, several of the highlighted social startups operate within the e-commerce and salesforce sectors, epitomizing the shift towards service-heavy technology platforms in our increasingly digitally-dependent world.

In line with global trends, many Calgary-based social startups are focusing on creating accessible and convenient solutions for age-old problems. This has led to a fertile startup scene, where innovation flourishes, social causes drive technology development, and entrepreneurs strive to integrate their ventures into everyday life. Discover more about these Calgary-based social startups below:


AGvisorPRO is a quintessential example of a modern-day solution to a traditional problem. The app connects people with complex questions to industry experts with the appropriate answers. Positioned in the AgTech industry, the team is working to revolutionize farming through this innovative, real-time advice tool. The opportunity for farmers to gain quick and expert advice on-the-go is brought to life by founders Patrick Walther and Robert Saik.

InTuitionPay Inc.

InTuitionPay Inc. is creating a secure and convenient platform for international students to handle tuition payments and socialize with one another. This EdTech startup, started by co-founders Ibrahim Shehu and Tinashe Mutamangira, is yearning to simplify and streamline the student experience.


Embold.co is making influencer marketing easier and more accessible than ever. Their platform services the marketing, advertising, and social media industries, providing marketers with a powerful tool to enrich their digital strategies.


Pronto, started by Claudiu Bella, has established a virtual studio to both streamline and elevate product photography for eCommerce brands. This startup focuses on setting the standard for the e-commerce, photo editing, and photography industries.

Sales Unicorn

Sales Unicorn uses innovative technology to create a virtual salesforce. This platform is designed to help growing B2B companies attract and retain profitable customers.


Digital agency Arcade, started by Mike Payne, offers a range of services, including strategy, content production, social media management, email marketing, and digital advertising. They are striving to become a comprehensive solution for all digital marketing needs.


Marketify offers a full menu of marketing services, such as performance marketing, PPC, marketing strategy, SEO, and social media marketing. They’ve combined years of industry expertise to create a single platform for all marketing needs.

Display Digital Marketing

Display Digital Marketing, initiated by Sheldon Semmler, provides various advertising services to businesses. The startup positions itself as a go-to digital marketing and advertising agency.

Maven Media Group

Another standout startup, Maven Media Group, focuses on content creation, digital publication of marketing materials, and providing a suite of other marketing service solutions.


Visual-centric SaaS platform, Socialveil, founded by Dario Joseph Verrelli and Jonathan Stiansen, helps businesses manage and schedule social media content. The platform’s intelligent design, enhanced efficiency, and educational features set it apart from competitors.

Single Parent Life

Single Parent Life has created a social marketplace app to connect single parents with each other and service providers. The platform, initiated by Anca Dan, offers a blend of personal and vital life services.


Social startup Basar is a digital marketing company providing marketing automation and content marketing services to help maximize businesses’ online presence.

Vision Management

An internet company, Vision Management provides their clientele with social media management and analytics services.

Swiftly Labs

Swiftly Labs focuses on providing ethical digital reputation management systems, SEO, and content marketing services.

Unleashing Influence

Unleashing Influence is a social media company designed to cater for credible professionals, offering services to drive their online presence in the digital media space.

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